does hi cry himself to sleep?

everytime i put my bb to sleep for a nap he has to cry. i wonder if this is normal, why can he not just close his ayes and fall asleep like he does at night time?


  • I think some babies need to cry to unwind. Barney does the same, not everytime but he often cries for a couple of minutes before dropping off to sleep. It's not a hysterical, sad sort of cry, more of a half hearted winge!!
  • Lily sometimes cries when she goes down for her daytime nap, but soon settles herself. I think it's their way of protesting as although they're tired they may also be thinking it's not yet bedtime so why should they be going to sleep!
  • Hi, yes my lo did this for a long time and it only stopped in the last couple of months (he's now 15 months!). There was no other way for him to fall asleep, even at night time and I often felt bad about it. But really he's always been very happy so shouldn't have! I think as bedhead said they sometimes need to do it to unwind.x
  • My lo does this sometimes for his naps. I just go to him a few times and comfort him and he settles. If he is really upset then I rock him to sleep. x
  • i'm glad someone posted this topic. my baby boy has been doing this for about a month now and it really upsets me. husband said some babies just do this. i've tried talking to him to soothe him but it's like he just doesn't hear me...which isn't surprising considering the crying. he eventually (after 15 minutes usually) just does this really tired moaning and falls asleep.

    your replies have reassured me a liitle. how about you mezamunoz?

  • well i realise that as long as its not pain then he will settle him self. he does sometimes after the bottle if i put him in his crib he rather play around than cry or sleep.

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