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  • hey hon, i so understand what u are going through...i have an extremely strong-willed defiant child who is now nearly 6 yrs old and although she's lovely and bright, she has caused me no end of heartache trying to figure out how to get her to listen. u are not alone, please dnt let other mums make u feel bad x
    it may not work with your lo but with Madi, i have always found moving her away without saying a word and then totally ignoring her for a bit u have a naughty step or time-out area? if he does or touches something he shouldnt, u could try wordlessly removing him to the naughty area (corners or steps when u are out work just as well) and leave him 1 minute. if he gets up, simply return him to where he should be...the important thing is to not react as negative attention is just as good to a child as positive attention so u have to be completely unavailable for comment so to speak. it takes time but this approach does work in the end, eventually just saying naughty step to him will stop him in his tracks.
    best of luck with it, u will get there honey and every parent goes through some form of challlenges so even smug mums at toddler group have their troubles! xxxxx
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