weaning what stages???

i know you are ot doing blw but had this opening on my computer so thought it might have some infor in http://baby-led.rhgdsrv.co.uk/pdf/blwleaflet.pdf


  • I'm a bit confused!!!! LO is 6 months and we started with fruit and veg at 5.5 months, so it's been 2 weeks and he's having fruits, veggies and babyrice. My instinct says now to start offering dairy, cheese, yoghurt, pulses and beans for a week and if that goes well start offering meat and fish the following week. Did you stagger food types like this or at 6 months, bang they have everything? Also LO exclusively BF but don't I need to offer some water now he's having 3, albeit tiny, meals a day? He's having mashed up food and finger foods and likes both!
  • We did 1 new thing each 2 days with things such as meat etc, mainly because we wanted to see what they liked, as well as if they had a reaction. HV said this was a pretty good way to do it.
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