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could you try adding just a small amount of milk - just enough to make the taste more acceptable to her?


  • Hi there, just wondering if any 1 could help? my 11 week old will not drink plain cooled boied water its a nightmare as shes having real problems with her stools and all the docs and health visitor can advise is cooled boiled water is she too young for the flavored water's or juices that you can buy they recommened 4 being 4 mnths old do you think they would be ok or if i diluted them would this be ok??????? thank you xxx
  • try giving her some when she is hungry before her feed, sometimes it tricks them until they realise its not milk, thats what i have to do.
  • Some mums add an extra ounce of water to the formula occasionally (sneaky but easy). I know you shouldn't meddle with powder/water ratio but adding extra water will not hurt.
  • Thank you for all ur replys, im really not sure what to do i have tryed trickig her into thinking it is milk but then shes still screming shes hungry only to throw up all of her milk! aaarrrrhhhh!!
  • hello
    do u give her her milk warmed up if so u could try giving her the water just slightly warm rather than at room temp. try this to start off with and once she is use to the taste u can then give it to her at room temp. just an idea x
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