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Hi all

My darling daughter Kara is in hospital and will be for at least a week. She was sick with as big last week and took her to the docs on Wednesday because of her cough. He gave her a cough bottle but since we came home she wasn't interested in doing anything and was sleeping all the time in bed. She wouldn't even get up. I took her to the docs on Friday again and he sent us to the hospital to see the pediatrician just in case. Anyway we went straight to hospital with Kara and they looked at her near enough straight away. They said she was very dehydrated so they needed bloods and a drip of fluids up. However because Kara was dehydrated it was very hard to get blood as they couldn't find any veins. They even got the anesthetist to try but he couldn't either. This was about 3 hours later. They therefore called the consultant and he said the drip has to go into the vein on the forehead. Glady this was successful. The bad news came then when they tested her bloods. She has diabetes and will be insulin controlled for the rest of her life. She is only 14 months and there is no family history on both sides of diabetes which is quite rare.

She is doing well at the minute and her hydration is coming back as she is drinking. The drip had to come down as tissue started forming in her head with the drip. She is now getting insulin as a needle instead of drip as well. Her blood sugars are checked regularly and we had to start doing it ourselves to get used to it. We are seeing the diabetic nurse and dietician tomorrow so will know more then about Diabetes. She is just so tired but has to get her strength back with eating but she is finding it hard to eat because she is so tired. Its a catch 22 situation but we will get there.

Sorry for the long story but I thought I would let you all know as everyone is very helpful on here and maybe someone may have or know of someone who has diabetes and may have some advice.


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  • aw hun, hope its under control soon so u can get her home, sorry dont know much about diabetes, big hugs. xxx
  • Hi Louise,

    how you feeling? hope you're all ok, but it sounds like its been a nightmare. My little brother (now 25) was diagnosed when he was 10 (not as little as your lo) it was a big shock for the whole family and no one on either side had ever had it either. diabetes UK were an amazing help and stilla re brilliant, they run weekends away for families with children with diabeties- newly diagnosed ones where they help you understand it all -emotionally and practically. I can't recommend them enough! they've a website so give them a look.

    if you want to email me to chat or if you have any particular questions then go for it!

    thinking of you all, em xxx
  • sorry to hear your bad news, hope she is ok tc sara xx
  • I hope she is home soon, dont know much about diabetes but sending you hugs xx
  • contact diabetes uk, they are a wonderful resource,really hope lo starts perking up soon, living with diabetes is quite easy nowadays & in a way it is good she has been diagnosed so young, she wont know any different & she wont have picked up any bad habits that need breaking, just educate yourselves & dont take advice from well meaning rellies, unless it has come from a diabetes specialist then take any adv with a pinch of salt,
  • awww the poor thing, you sound like you are coping with it well.
    my friends little one went through the same thing when she was about the same age as your little one and my friend found it hard to deal with at the start,
  • Oh what a terrible few days you have had.Sending you all my love and hope she is well enough to come home soon.I don't have any experience with Diabetes but know how stressful it is having a lo in hospital.
    Keep us updated xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Oh poor little Kara - I really hope she starts drinking & eating lots & can come home soon. Bless her....like Beebee says though, it is a good thing her being diagnosed early (though it probably doesn't feel like it). I know its a different kind of diabetes but my fil was diagnosed last year, and he can't give up the biscuit habit! xx
  • Poor Kara - I hope she's home with her mummy & daddy soon.
    I have a friend who is diabetic and was diagnosed when he was 3 and like Beebee said, it's all he's ever known so hasn't caused him any problems.
    Take care and keep us posted.
  • Aw bless - agreeing with Beebee aswell - she won't know any different and as long as you and she as she gets older is vigilant with her diet etc, she'll be fine.

    Good luck honxx
  • Poor Kara. I hope she is feeling better soon. You will manage fine with her diabetes and soon it will be part of normal life for you all.

  • poor little thing, hope she picks up enough to come home soon. As others have said, at least you know now and can deal with it so you have a happy little girl again.
  • hi louise

    i'm really sorry to hear about Kara!

    it really isnt the nicest thing for a little one to have, but diabetes management has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years!
    she will get used to the jabs she has to have, and it will become second nature to you all within no time.

  • I am so sorry to here about kara just wont send big hugs from me and faith
  • Unfortunately no advice from me just wanted to send you and Kara big hugs xxx
  • Thanks everyone for your replies. I am only getting back to you all as it is the first time that I have been home since I posted this.

    Kara is doing really well and coming around to herself again. She is starting to eat again and we are getting taught loads with the Diabetic nurse and dietitian. Kara is taking her injections no bother and so far is not complaining. We are experts at taking blood sugars now and my husband gave her the first proper dose of insulin tonight by needle. My turn tomorrow but I just have to do it as it is in Kara's best interests.

    I agree with all that you are saying that she knows no difference and it will be part of normal life from now. Thats the way we have being looking at it from the start and I think its the best way. We can't change it so I believe there is no point in crying about it now although its hard. It just has to be done whether we like it or not. She will probably be in hospital until start of next week at least until they get her bloods sugars and insulin regulating and also getting me and daddy educated as we are completely clueless about Diabetes but learning loads. We might get her out a few hours at the weekend to see how we manage with blood sugars and all.

    We will get there and it will be routine before we know it.

    Thanks again for all your kind replies.

  • glad you holding it together, honey!!

    you will all be ok - you'll adapt to this the same way you adapted to having her!! you sound to have the right attitude, and although i appreciate how hard it must be, you seem to have got your head round it!

    well done!!
  • Hi Louise, so sorry to hear about Kara, haven't been on in a few days so haven't seen your post till now. Glad she's picking up know she's been started on the insulin. Im sure you'll be fine when it's your turn to give it to her tomorrow. Take care and speak soon,

  • glad you are getting lots of help. I am diabetic type 2 & no longer have insulin but was during pregnancy so I know what all about levels, BM's & insulins shots & know it can all seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning but trust me, in a couple of weeks this will become 2nd nture o you both & the only thing you wil need to be really vigilant & organized about is her diet as that is the most effective way to control her BM's & insulin doses. Oh & teaching other people that "no she cant just have one biscuit cause yes it will hurt her".!!! image Well meaning family & freinds will be your worse enemy IME in the beginning as there is so much misinformation out there bout this disease but just be firm & make everyone aware. Bring home lots of spare literature to give grandparents & aunties/uncles so they can learn too.
  • Oh hun............. How heartbreaking for you, hopefully once its under control then you will manage fine. Ive only ever dealt with a diabetic cat, and injecting him everyday was painful enough, but a little bubba, thinking of you hun and hoping it all pans out OK xxx
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