need to iron out a few bedtime issues - help!

As some of you may know i recently started a bedtime routine for Charlie, it was going well but has kinda gone all to pot! He is obviously tired when we put him to bed as his eyes are dropping but he just won't settle.
so what i need advice with is:

when we take him to bed should i cuddle him & rock him till he falls asleep OR put him straight into the cot?

As soon as he goes into the cot he wakes, if he cries should i leave him in the cot to soothe him so he doesn't associate crying and me picking him up OR do i get him out and cuddle him?

Finally, is there a trick to putting down a baby in a cot? I find that when I lay Charlie down my arm gets stuck under him and i cant seem to slide it out without waking him.

Please help.xxximage


  • how old is he?? millie actually prefers to be put in her cot straight after bottle when shes really tired she doesnt seem to be a cuddly baby so alot of the time she will fall asleep straight away as soon as i put her down if not she will just lie there watching her mobile then will fall asleep on her own but the odd time when she hasnt settled for some reason i have always cuddled her til she falls asleep then put her down but this is not very often though. alot will probably say dont rock and cuddle as he will only fall asleep this way but if its not causing a problem and it suits you i dont see a problem cos hes obvioulsy not going to need rocking forever he may just need a bit of help while hes little. u could try putting him down awake and stoking his head or let him cry for a few mins and see if he settles himself. if i ever put millie down in her cot when shes asleep i have a hand under her head and bum so is easy to lay down. but she rolls straight over onto her tummy as soon as i lay her down anyway.
  • Hi hun,
    my advice is not to rock him as he will associate being rocked with sleep and find it hard to go to sleep by himself.
    When he cries in his cot try and sooth him with your voice and a hand on his chest, if he gets distressed then pick him up but put him down as soon as he stops crying, his shows him that your there if he needs you but its time to sleep.
    Weve been doing this with Connor for a while now and hes doing really well!
    Lastly when i put Connor down i slde my hands so one is under his neck/head and the other under his bum
    Hope i helped
  • Well im a naughty mummy. During the day frankie falls asleep on her own in her chair. She goes to bed about 8pm and i rock her to sleep then. During the night though i find when i put her back down after a feed if she is grumbling i stroke her face and shush her. Takes about 5 mins but then she goes off. Maybe i should do this in evening too but sometimes i just want my tea!!!!
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