It's a Strawberry!!!UPDATED with pic

Hi girls,

LO was born with a red birthmark on her face
orginally I thought it was a port wine.. But over
the weeks it's changed... It's got redder and it's
become more prominant.

Had done some research on birth marks..
And thought it looked more like a Strawberry mark..

The HV confirmed yesterday that it was one.

My question is has anyone got any experience
of these? The HV said that it will disappear
after becoming quite unsightly..

Any info on strawberrys would be great!


we have arranged to see a Dermo in July
for a proffessionals opinion- only because it's
on her face

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  • Hi Hun,

    My cousin had a strawberry birthmark on her side when she was born, it got bigger and bigger and started sticking out (actually, looked just like a strawberry!!) and then it starting going in reverse and is now gone!

    Just in case you were in any doubt as to how sweet she is, mother nature got involved and decided to show the rest of the world too! ;\) xxx

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  • Yup, they disappear, I had one about the size of 2 pounds on my belly when little, now when you really lean in and look carefully you can see a weeeeee bit of tiny tiny blood vessels, but otherwise, if you didnt look carefully you wouldnt see it at all.

    My little boy who is 21 months, has got one about 1cm x 1cm on his shoulder. It has now flattened out, and seperated insto smaller bits and is slowily going away.

    You can also do treatments on them, to make them go quicker, but i suspect it woulnt not be through nhs, so you d have to pay yourself. But they do always fade themselves image
  • hi G/C but i wanted to say my son was born with one on these on his chest it was quiet large i am afaid to say it will prob get bigger before it gets better but keep an eye on it as my sons got to 2 and half cm wide by 1cm deep i had to keep an eye incase it got an bigger they would do an op to remove it but luckly it got smaller he is now coming up 3 in august and it has lost the bright red strawbery look and is more skin coloured they normally say these birth marks go by he age of 4

    my niece also have a very large one on her leg she is now 5 nearly 6 and it has almost gone but hers was huge about 6x bigger than my sons there is not much u can do about them really

    as its on your lo face when in the sun it will be even more sensitive to the sun so be very careful

    hope this helps x
    MJ 33+3
  • I have a strawberry mark on my thigh it was very red and prominent and it got bigger. It is now about 2 and half inches long and 1 and half inches wide but its very faded and like a tanned colour it used to bother me when I wore shorts and short skirts (when I was at school etc) but its part of me and after 25 years I know it probably won't go so nothing can do!My mum always used to tell me it was a special " strawberry fairy" kiss mark when I was younger when I got upset by it. Sounds like your little one is one of us lucky ones to get a special kiss
  • Some birthmarks are good and pretty but, some are terrific. So it can be worth to consult your Pd doctor he will let you know for the better option to choose.


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  • g/c, ds has a strawberry mark just by his temple, its been there from the day he was born, its not very big just like too small dots joined together, although it is raised and very red. its not changed size at all, or colour, he's 15months old now and it looks exactly like it did the day he was born. i'm nto bothered about it at all, especially as its only small, but my mum winds me up somehting chronic about it, the whole 15months she''s been banging on am i sure its not a burst blood vessel or something and to get a doctor to look at it argh! hv says its fine and just a red mole basically, nothing to worry about, btu she still goes on and on and on. xx
  • Isobel has just had one come up. Its quite small at the moment and at the back of her head but all the research ive read on it says they grow rapidly for the ffirst 3-6 months and then stay that way. Most begin to fade by 2-3 years and the remainder are usually gone by 7. Im embarrassed to say but im a bit upset about it as its on her head and im praying it doesnt get too prominent but thats just silly vanity - as long as she's healthy in herself that's all that matters xx
  • My little girl has one on the top of her head, she didnt have it at birth it started like a tiny little red mark at about 4 days old and just got bigger and bigger.
    Its right they do grow super fast, hers is about 2cm x 2cm but about half cm raised and she is 10 months old, it has been this size since she was about 5 weeks old. I can already see, lighter patches appearing in it as its starting to gradually fade.
    Pumpkin Pie - I was exactly the same as you and really hated people seeing it, especially the stupid ones who said "oh, dont you know your babies head is bleeding?" - WTF I think I would have noticed something THAT big!!! But honeslty, since her hair has grown, I am fine with it, and people dont notice it at all now! xx
  • My dd1 had one on her wrist at birth it got about as big as 2cm then started to fade at 2 and half you almost cant see it now.
  • I had one when I was born. It was on the inside of my elbow, and it did grow as I grew, but by the time I was about 13 or so I think,it had completely faded out. The fading out process took a couple of years I think. Though it was never unsightly - it was just a red patch and it was part of my skin, completely flat, and it never caused any problems.
  • hey! my daughter has got one on her right should blade. hers appeared when she was a couple of weeks old-started as just a tiny patch of paler looking skin. she is now 10 1/2 months old and it seems to be getting smaller after initially getting bigger. the official name for a strawberry mark is a "haemangioma" so maybe you could research it a bit easier now. my mum tells me i had one on my bottom when i was a baby but nothing there at all now, and i dont remember having one so must have disappeared early on.
  • ps: my daughters is more raised than your little ones and is about 1cm in diameter at the minute.x
  • Hey Hun, my sister had a large on on her thigh, which got quite big & red but has all but disappered now. Also, one of my cousins twins had one in-between his eyebrows, bless him but all that's there now is a slight raised area... Not noticeable at all image. It'll go Hun xxxx
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