fund raising idea needed

Hi ladies- I am doing race for life in May and am struggling to get sponsors especially as not in work to catch colleagues. I thought about selling a quiz sheet instead or packing bags in the supermarket but wondered if anyone else had any ideas???
I don't have a target as such but it would be nice to raise a few hundred quid. Could do a bingo night I suppose but what if no-one turned up??? image


  • most decent people will turn up for charity ... advertise it well, speak to your local tv/radio stations and ask them to do 2 or 3 30second adverts for you a day for a week or so, im sure they will help out.....

    i cant think of any ideas atm, but ill post if i think of any

    good luck !
  • well if you know anyone with children this may work - I KNOW I always bang on about it but I sell Usborne Childrens books and if you want you could get friends to look at my site and then email me to buy books and anyone who mentions your name then I would be able to donate 10% of whatever they buy to your sponsorship.

    Does that make sense - if you are interested then email me on [email protected]

    I am always more than happy to help out with charity things!!!!

    Oh and good luckfor the run - I am doing it too! image
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