Help!! Babys poo BLOOD!!

Hi girls

I've already called nhs direct and they going to call me back

I changed elliotts nappy earlier and there was a tiny streak of blood in it

I didn't think anything of it but dh just changed his bum and there was a little bit more

I'm so worried! Anyone had this? He's bf'ed and is fine in himself (laughing and smiling)


  • didnt want to read and run hun, but hope they ring you back soon.
  • Hi girls,
    thank you for your replies
    yes it's fresh... I've spoken to about 5 people now as diff people keep cdlling back and they said as he's still happy, in no pain, and not throwing up etc and it's only small they're not too worried and I should keep an eye on him and if it continues to take him to gp tomo

  • I had this when LO was first weaned about about 5 months, his first solid poos, I put betsputan (sp!!) on it for a week and it did the trick...a tear from straining

    I hope your LO is ok, let us know x
  • Hi when i was bf my lo he had blood in his sick once and someone asked if i had cracked nipples as the blood could have been mine so could be the same for the poo.
    Hope your los ok and its nothing, so scary when you see blood though.

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  • i'm with cornetto and akalady I would say it's prob just a wee tear from pushing image my nephew had this too xx
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