is it really good?

my baby seems to be interested in solids and on top of that he does not want tohave his milk he hit the bottle all the time.
i know you can introduce bb to solid after 16 weeks however my GP says its not good, i dont know what to do im afraid it may upset my baby stomach or he may be put off food,
any advise!!
how yours took it. plese let me know, as my bb will be four on monday.



  • If you do start to wean early (from 16weeks) my advice would be to a discuss with your HV (which I didnt do), and if you decide to go ahead just to take your time and start with small amounts. Introduced LO to solids at 15 weeks as he was already trying to swipe every one elses food off the plate and he was hungrier. He will be 24 weeks next week and has 2 meals and 1 pudding and he loves his food. Did take a while for him totake to vegetables but now he cant get enough of them, have just started to introduce meat to his diet as well.
  • i weaned Ellie very early and well before the 16 weeks [its 17 weeks before your allowed] and she is fine, it depends on the baby and i bet if you asked you mum she would say you were weaned before 4 months. It is advise and not the law, its only in the last 3 years it changed from 4 months to 6 anyway so do what you think is best, you know your baby better than a HV who only sees your LO once in a blue moon. x
  • thats truth however my bb changes his habbits everyday now im just confuse.
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