OMG!! :D

Hey Girls!

Well.. No dancing around the issue!

:lol: I'm Pregnant! I'm in utter shock! :lol: Really happy but in Utter shock!

We decided not to use protection knowing we wanted more children but Charlie took 3 years to get pregnant with! I have NO idea how far along I am.. I can't remember when My last period was! :roll: tut tut..

OH is shocked too but is pretty pleased with his super sperm! I'm trying to still take it in! & I'm really anxious about the birth (I know a long way off - but considering my last one :roll: )

Please don't mention it on Facebook... I only found out just over an hour ago.. and need to make a DR's appointment ect..

We've told our mum's and they are over the moon!

not telling anyone but of course I had to share with you girls! xxxxxxxxxxxx

*Grins* & More kisses! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ooo how sad am I soo excited I get to use the pregnancy forum as well! :lol: xxxx


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