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Camomile tea

I was told by my health visitor that camomile tea can help with baby stomach problems, she advised me to make up some tea then give the baby 1oz of tea to 2oz of water. Has anyone tried this? did it have any effect? How old was your baby? My little one is 3 weeks this friday. And has been having trouble doing a poo. look forward to reading any comemnts
Laura xxx


  • my midwife told me to give alannah cool boiled water as it would help soften her poo. she said if that failed put a t spoon of fresh orange in some water and try that. The cooled water worked 4 us so mabey give that a go. good luck
  • I have been told about the tea and one part fresh orange to ten parts cooled boiled water. The fresh orange worked well for my daughter xx
  • I tried very weak fennel tea for Chloe's tummy probs, it worked quite well. You can also try weak peppermint tea. Good luck Sarah xxx
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