Family RANT

Ever since Evie was born my nana comes to visit her on a monday afternoon. Now i love my nana but she can be quite nasty, overpowering, a bit like mrs bucket. Anyway today she came and said Evie has big ears and will need them pining back when shes older and also she hopes she doesnt get my nose i have the same as my grandad as its big and ugly, How fing dare she, Evie is perfect and does not have big ears, my hubby has said shes not welcome when hes about as he wouldnt be able to bite his tounge, i told her today that Evie did not have big ears and if she did who would care and do you know what she said i'm telling you for your own good ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr i'm so mad, sorry rant over xxxxx


  • Ah hun, how rude!
    Ignore her. Old people can be a bit rude and not always mean to be.
    Evie looks perfect from your pic!
  • Old people......they just can't help themselves can they! Ignore her, you know there is nothing wrong with Evie (and you either) judging by your avatar.
    Whenever i take Charlotte to visit my dad (who's 71) he always tells me Charlotte has never grown and that someone else he knows has died!!
  • ah hun take no notice, i spent the afternoon with my grandma and 2 aunties yesterday and it was like having tea with the witches of eastwick!!! It did my head in!!! You both have nothing to worry about.xx
  • What a horrible thing to say! Why is is that she cares so much about the way people look? Does she have insecurities herself? xxx
  • Awww babe you so have nowt to worry about but what a shame your Nan has to be so mean! Old people are a difficult bunch!!
    We kinda of had a tricky situation with my Great Aunt . Travelled 300 miles with a 7 month old to be with her and we wanted to take her out for a meal. She booked it and on several occasions told me she'd asked for a table 'away from other people so lo doesn't embarrass us'!!!!!!!! I was so upset and had to walk away which apparently makes me 'over sensitive'. The meal was a nightmare, I was stressed so lo was. He was brilliant as usual but have to say I won't be tempted to go there again for a while. No idea why some older people are like that about lo's-just makes me sad. Sorry no advice just sympathy! xx
  • Ignore her! Old people are forever commenting. My nanny is the worst her snidey comments make me so angry and upset.

    Evie's gorgeous hon, dont listen to her!


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