making a baby hamper on a budget

any suggestion about what should go in it?


  • how about some muslims and bibs (they are cheap from either primark or asda) some baby wipes, a little baby sponge,a little pair of socks/botties and maybe a little sleepsuit or baby towel. Im pretty sure you could get this all from asda and as far as im awear their baby event starts again next week!
  • I'd go to a pound shop if you have one near you as the ones near me always have all the john sons baby stuff in, my best friend kitted me out in everything from baby lotion, cotton wool to Tommy tipee bowls and spoons from there!

    Also places like prim ark for scratch Mitsubishi etc as they're really cheap but quite good quality and mine have lasted longer than any from next etc from there and they were a whole fifty pence! Lol also the baby blankets from there and the towels last forever too (well six n a half month at least lol)

    Just try and think of the things you needed most or used to run out of lots and that should be a good place to start xx
  • dont know but asda have their event on next week so you may be able to pick stuff up cheap?

    are you wanting clothes suggestions or essentials like nappies/sudocrem etc
  • oooh i'll have to have a trip to poundland and asda, it for a first time mums baby shower and just wondered what other would have liked in thiers x
  • We did these for some friends of ours recently.

    I put something in each week while ASDA shopping but def cheap from there:
    toiletries - wash, bubbles, nappy cream etc etc
    Cotton wool
    small toy/cloth book
    bottle of bubbly for the parents

    etc etc
  • You're going to laugh at me but a big bar of chocolate! It's what both me and best friend asked each other for as our mummy present after having lil ones haha

    What about things you might totally forget to buy like nappy sacks or a baby hair brush etc too
  • I think all the other ladies suggestions are fab. I just have one small idea to add..

    Add some bubble bath and some scented candles for the mummy. I am sure these will go down really well, so she can have half an hour to soak and relax...Oh and like mummy and emmy-lee says a big bar of chocolate xxx
  • Hiya,

    My friend did one of these for me and it had in it, first size nappies, towel, flannel, baby wipes, baby oil, baby bath, teethers, rattle, cotton wool, basically all the practical stuff & I loved it. You can get all that stuff cheap from places like the other mummies have said but Wilkinsons also do it all cheap xx
  • cool tahnx ladies loads of fab ideas
  • best things i got were home made meals! Send round a cake or some flapjacks or something!
  • pop round to mine, i have dozens of unopened products we cant use because of Alyssa's eczema!! xx
  • the asda baby event has a 'baby box' full of all the Johnsons bits and pieces for ??10 - could be a good place to start?
  • I did a box like this for my friend, I put a little something in for her - bubble bath bottle wine and chocolate then for baby I went to ??shop and got baby lotion, wipes, bibs, got some nappies and primark do scratch mits pack of 2 for 50p!! (bargain)
  • Awwww piggypops i have only just thrown away a bag full of stuff all unopened that i couldnt use on Alyssa because of her eczema wish i had seen this sooner i would of sent you it!!

  • thanx ladies, i have the johnsons box but TBH we havent used it once! i was thinking of getting a wicker basket from ikea, we keep our nappies in ours x
  • just want to say lots of great aunt did me a hamper (just bought a white wicker basket type thing and wrapped it all up with cellophane and a big bow - i was v.impressed lol)

    she gave me most of the things everyone has suggested and she even went right up to 6-9months ( vests and babygrows lol) she also put in things like a little soft toy and teething rings etc...i think she was just picking things up as she saw them...

    she put in vests and body suits, all the baby stuff like baby oil and talc etc (no nappies as we have resuables) etc - i think a big bar of chocolate was the only thing missing lol!!!

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