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Hi. I havent been here for a long time. But really need some advice. My LO is just 10 months and just wont hold his own food- he has never been one to put things much in his mouth, so he just shows no interest in feeding himself, any ideas? He also has such trouble with food like peeled pear which he obviously doesnt chew enough and then starts choking...leading to projectile vomit!!!! He does manage wotsits (not the healthiest I know) and has very recently managed banana without choking!! Any advice would be brilliant. Thanks. X


  • Did you try toast? Bit messy but good. You can also buy bags of Finger Food in the Supermarket. These are made by Organix and they are carrot sticks and Sweetcorn ring, Can't remember the other things. I have also bought bear biscuits but Cow and Gate which I am going to try today. Have you tried a rusk. Kara is 8 months and holds these no problem. I found a banana was too slippy for her lol.
  • Have you tried the organic type crispy things (not sure on the make!)? They're less flavoured than wotsits but the same size etc. Or rice cakes? Soldiers? Anything he can suck on like french bread? These were all given to ds2 from around 6mth and he just got better at holding them to actually eating them every day.
  • Hi. I have tried the organix things- but still no luck (and his not very keen- prefers wotsits!!!), also the bear biscuits- which he likes but still wont hold himself!! He just shows absolutely no interest in feeding himself- maybe he is just lazy!!! Kara sounds like she is doing well. I will try toast again too- what toppings do you use?
  • Thanks Alioli. Thats what I think I'll have to do, just keep encouraging him to hold the foods and then eventually hopefully he will start feeding himself!!
  • I just butter the 2 sides of her toast and she is sucks it. She ate one of the bear biscuits today as well and loved it. No wonder she loved it. I tasted it and it was so sweet but lovely. I was going to eat the whole lot lol.

    Just keep trying. Kara is lazy as well with her finger foods. She prefers me to hold them for her but I just put them into her hand and if she wants them she will eat them. I have to keep an eye though because they usually end up over the end of the highchair because she is at the stage of dropping everything for me to pick it up.
  • Hi

    Have you tried some cooked carrot sticks? or pear or pieces of apple cooked slightly?

    I also started Shea, (now 8 months) on sandwich fingers. I get wholemeal bread and put either dairy lea or sandwich spread pastes thinley on the bread and cut into fingers. I must say if I give him a whole finger he justs squashes it in his hands but I break them into bite size chunks put on his high chair tray and he spends an hour pciking htem up an eating.

    I've also found that choking seems to be a mechanism for getting a little attention, I've found the least attention i've paid to it, the better they are. I know its easier than it sounds but if I ignore him he eats his food a lot better than if i'm constantly mithering around him (which I tend to do a lot of the time!!)
    good luck image
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