Lo's food preferences!

What does your lo prefer, milk or food?

And do they like sweet or savoury foods best?

I hear so much of babies going off their milk once they start solids but Gabe LOVES his milk and still wants feeding on 7oz every 4 hours during the day, sometimes every 3.5.

He also prefers savoury food to sweet and will gobble down chicken dinners, broccoli cheese etc but I gave him yogurt for tea and he wasnt impressed...also did not like heinz choc pudding (strange boy).xx


  • Kara loves both but she only gets a bottle first thing in the morning and last thing at night. She loves it so much I couldn't wean her off it yet and she is almost 14 months. She loves her food and hasn't really refused much yet. She doesn't take after her parents anyway. We are both really fussy eaters. I am terrible. I don't know how I am supposed to be a good example because I am a pansy when it comes to tasting food.
  • Tbh I don't think Charlotte's ever liked her milk and at the moment I'm having trouble getting 10oz down her in one day! She seems to like her solids more though, especially if she can feed herself sandwiches and bits of cheese and toast. I've tried her with home made chilli con carne which she likes and today she's having some chicken korma which oh made last night (not too spicy tho). She likes her puddings, although I don't think she's too keen on custards.

    She's 10 months on the 13th so I'm not too concerned about her milk intake (although I'm sure hv will tell me otherwise when I see her on Tuesday)!
  • Yeah I think that's fine, in my red book from HV it says 16-20 oz is fine once they're established on solids & on 3 meals. Gabe has 28oz still, lol, but then he's a tank!
  • Babies can have curry - once established on food and can chew. As long as it's not too spicy. Most babies prefer strong tastes and can get bored with bland food. Plus it's also good to try them on many foods to help stop them being a fussy eater.

    Charlotte liked her korma. it wasn't too spicy altho you could taste the spices. It also had cream in it and a bit of basmati rice. Another way to cool it down is to add full fat natural yogurt or sweet potato.

    Charlotte has about 17oz milk a day, somtimes only 10oz as she can be fussy with her milk.

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  • MY lo loves both milk and food and actually cried when all his puree had gone this evening, bless him. He prefers veggies to fruity things at the moment unless the fruit is mixed in with baby rice.

    Tigerlily.... what sort of routine does Gabe have as my lo still loves his 4 bottles a day xx
  • Gabe's is still on 4 x 7oz bottles. I don't think he's ready to drop to 3 as he sometimes struggles to go the 4 hours before wanting another one...Not too worried though as he's not too chubby yet, lol, I reckon he's about 20lbs now but he's still slightly below his "birth centile" so is doing ok.
  • Evie seems to like most foods so far, but she defo prefers sweet things like rice pudding. She still has 4 or 5 milk feeds a day though, she loves her bottle! When I weaned my eldest she dropped a lunchtime feed right away but Evie still has about 4oz with her solids, plus a bit of water. She never seems to eat loads though, she can just about manage small jar, plus baby rice for brekkie and supper.

    She was 19lbs last week, she's on 75th centile which is where she's been all along so I'm really pleased with her...although she was on 99th centile for height but has now gone down to 75th!

    Tiger Lily...I tried Lily on the heinz choc pud when I started weaning her and she HATED it! Think it's the texture, it's all wobbly and slimy- I didn't even want to finish it off and I'm a chocaholic :lol:!

  • Nathan definitely prefers solids to milk, although he loves that too. I think he has a preference to sweet things but so far only has the occasional fruit pot so it might just be that they're a novelty.

    We planned on adding things to his diet this week but he's still not quite right after his bug so I'm hesitant to now. Although I did give him a strip of chicken and an asparagus spear to chew on as I fed him earlier. His first taste of meat but I think he preferred the veg! I'm hoping to give him more chicken this week and then fish toward the end but then I'm away for 2 weeks (boo) (or maybe yay!) and oh doesnt want to add anything more in case it causes a reaction and he has to deal with it on his own.

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