Wednesday weigh in - add your weight!!!

Is it today we are supposed to be starting the weigh in thingy? I dont want to step on anyones toes by starting it though.

Well since no one else has started one here goes:

Current weight: 10 stone
Goal weight: 9 stone

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  • good point! i'd totally forgotton.....!
  • oh yes i'd forgotten too, will go and weigh myself.xx
  • Just weighed myself (am chuffed as have lost 1 1/2 stone in 7 wks - well, 1 stone was straight after birth lol).....

    14/1/09 - 11 stone
    Eventual goal - between 9 & 9 1/2 stone
  • 12/01/2009- 12st 6lbs (-1lb from previous week)
    Goal- 11st
  • 14/01/2009 - 9st 10lbs

    Goal - 8 st 10lbs
  • omg, i forgot must get batts for scales tomorrow! im size 14 and wanna be 12 so think thats about 1 or 2 stone. will edit and put weight on tomorrow ?(after someone finds me passed out on bathroom floor) lol

    sooooo glad i had cous cous for dinner image

    EEEKKKK! got weighed 11st 3oz!!!!!!! so im aiming for 9st 12 oz


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  • i am going join in i am 11 stone wont to get 9 1/2 need to get some scales
  • I weighed myself last night and I was 10 1/2 stone would like to lose a stone if poss. definately need to drop a dress size, really want to fit back in my size 10/12 jeans - i miss them, lol!! any suggestions for losing weight of hips and thighs???
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