surely this isnt teething

i know i did a post about this a few days ago but i am seriously getting a little worried. Toby is doing 7 pooey nappies - really runny - almost water with a few bits in. His bum is sooooo sore and nothing i put on it helps. He is so snotty it is think and always running down his face and this excess saliva makes him sick.

i know its not a bug but just some reassurance that you think this is still teething. He is ok in himself eatting and drinking ok

thanks x x x


  • If he has that much excess saliva/phlegm (sp?), then that's why his nappies are sooo bad, it's going through his digestive system. Can't remember the name, but in BIJan there was some posts on sore bots, and the best things to use. Or someone may be able to help with that. Poor Toby. xx
  • G/c but metanium is amazing on sore bottoms. I feel like an advert for it lol!!!!
  • I agree metanium is wonder cream. xxxx
  • heya, sorry your little man is down image not to brag but I have been very very lucky that ds bum and nappies havent been affected whatsoever...but my mum warned me big time about it because I was supposedly very very bad. She said my bum was so raw it looked like it was peeling and all she could do was blow on it and leave my nappy off after my baths and that was all down to teething so it is a very good possibility.

    I did read in a magazine that runny nappies are actually nothing to do with teething and if it persisted more than 5 days to get it seen to...but mythical makes perfect sense...if they dribble and swallow of course theyre going to be runnier lol why didnt I think of that one! x
  • Hi

    I personally would get it checked by GP.

  • My MIL warned me that my hubbys bum looked like she had put him in scalding water when he teethed and that his nappies were like water. We've had one incidence when I put Dylan down with a perfectly peachy bum at 7pm then he woke screaming at 2am and his bum glowed that red I could see it in the dark. We still dont have any teeth though!

    Only thing that helped was metanium it took a few days as his bum had even blistered (felt like the worst mummy in the world but both my mum and mil reassured me that mine and hubbys had been far worse) but it did sort it plus plenty of nappy off time (I know you already do this)

    The snottiness we haven't had but we also dont have teeth yet, but I know Sarah mentioned that Tyler gets this.

    If you are really worried hun get him checked out but sounds like pesky teeth to me

    Big cuddles to little man xxxxx
  • My LO had this for 4 days while he had 2 teeth coming through last week (we never had a problem with his other 6 teeth but he teethed really bad with these 2).
    I have always used metanium on him but that wasnt working so used bepanthen - cleared him up great.
    He's fine now and his nappies are back to normal. Good luck - teething is hell! image
  • If your breastfeeding, express some milk off and put it on sore area and leave to dry before putting nappy back on

    it's miricle stuff I swear xx
  • Yep, still teething i'd say! I used bepanthen on my lo and it worked after a couple of days but he was so sore, screaming in agony trying to wipe and then cream his bum, i was in tears myself i felt so awful for him! Oh and his nappies were like green water with a few bits in it. First tooth came 2 days after all rash etc disappeared.
    Poor wee mite, hope he gets better soon!
  • Two things

    metanium is the most amazing thing i have ever bought!

    Tobys top tooth cut today!

    thank you x (as always)
  • Wooooo!! Is that his first tooth? X
  • Hurray Toby!!! Well done. Hope thats him all settled now with it having cut!

    (off to the shops for metanium tomorrow just incase!)

  • ahhh thankyou - this is his 3rd tooth - and i thought the first two were bad!

    He is still under the weather and if he is still having the runs tomorrow i will call the docs. Hope fully the teeth will give him a week or two break x
  • That's good. Hope it all settles down now. xx
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