Putting Baby in Cot at 7 Weeks old

Hi my little girl is 8 weeks old on Sunday. From Birth she has been very long and is basically outgrowing her Moses Basket. She also keeps hitting the sides.

We are putting her in her cot tonight in our room. How old did you put your little one's in their cot and is 7 weeks ok?

Thanks xx


  • I put ds in his cot in his room at about 7 weeks and he was fine - slept right through without a peep and we never looked back. HTH
  • We put Jakob in his cot at about 6 1/2 weeks as he was getting too big for his moses basket. At one point during the day I saw him scraping his toes along the sides and they started to bend funny so I thought enough is enough - I don't want him hurting himself! He also is a rather noisy before he falls into a deep sleep so I think we both sleep better now he is in his own room (daddy "fortunately" goes deaf during the night lol). We live in a flat btw with thin walls so I can hear him without a monitor even image

    Jana & Jakob 11+6 xxx
  • My jacob has been in his cot from day one, my first out grew hos moses basket so quickly that i said i'd never get another one!
  • Mia went in her cot in her room at 3 weeks old.x
  • My baby boy went in his cot in his own room at 5 weeks (his room is right next door to ours so it was like he was in the room with us anyway!) and he slept so much better (as did I!)
  • our LO went into his cot at 8 weeks we put him in his basket in the cot for a few nights so he cot used to the new surroundings and his transition was fine x
  • If I had my way lo would have been in her cot at 5 weeks, but oh was set against it. After much nagging she went in at 9 weeks. From that day she slept all night long. She had outgrown her basket at 7 weeks cause she was so long. I really don't think 7 weeks is too early.

  • We moved our LO into the cot at 8 weeks for the exact same reasons. Even though he didn't sleep through until 6 months, we all got far better sleeps and it was wonderful to see him that first night with his arms outstretched - I knew then it was the right decision for him (if not for me!) xx
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