Leapfrog learn and grove activity station

Hi Hope your all well.

Do any of you have one of the above thinking of getting one for my son for xmas. He'll be 4 months and just wondered if anyone would recomend it??

Thanks xx


  • Hi ya,

    we bought one for Joshua when he was 6 months old and found it was the right age for him cos he had better head control and better balance all round. Its a fab activity station- the songs are a bit addictive and you may find yourself singing them sub-conciously! Joshua used his till he was 1 which is when he started walking and wouldnt stay in one place for too long. we bought ours from kiddie care, but do a google search or soemthing like that cos their always on offer this time of yr. its great cos it folds up quite neatly and weve stored it under his cot.

    Hope this helps, Vicky and Joshua xxx
  • I would try him in one first if you can. We looked at getting Ashton one but tried a friends first and to be honest I found that the seat was at a funny angle which ment he was leaning to far forward and couldn't really sit up very well, which was weird because he now has a jumperoo and can sit fine in that and in his door bouncer. xxxx
  • hi,
    ive just bought one of these from amazon for my son who will be 4 months at xmas....it was ??64 compared to ??80 at most other places and free delivery.
  • I got mine of ebay is only cost ??20 it was lick new and faith started using it when she 4 month and love it
    carrie faith
  • i got one for jack for christmas also off amazon. he will be 5 months then and hopefully will love it
    becs xx
  • My mum has bought one for Teagan for Christmas, it looks really good, lots to do on it! She got it from ebay, there is loads on there.

    Corinna x
  • Was really considering buying one for xmas too! I think my lo will love it!
  • sam had one and he loved it! i definately recommend it! x
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