Bounce and Spin Zebra

Hi girls,

Ruby turns one next week! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm still undecided on what to get her for her birthday and have seen these around alot lately.
Does anyone know if they are any good?
Prices seem to vary hugely from ??30 to ??60, does anyone know where the cheaper ones are sold? Lol!

Thank you,
Amy xx


  • I have one and Poppy loves it! She calls it a horse though and shouts 'bounce' when she sits in it!
    Not sure where the cheaper ones are sold though as I got mine free from a friend!
  • Haha! Now that would be fun Zoey!!
    I'll take a look on Ebay.

    Bless Poppy thinking it's a horse, that's so sweet!
    How old is Poppy now?

    Do you think Ruby will be able to do it at 12 months? xx
  • Poppy is 17 months now. It isn't so much how steady they are on their feet - the zebra is quite hard to push down and spin round, it takes Poppy a lot of effort to do it and to make it bounce as well. To be honest, I doubt she'd have been able to bounce it herself when she was one. However, they can always sit on it and you bounce it for them till they learn what to do and how to do it!
    I think they're a fab toy!
  • My kids have got one and they still love it and they are 3 & 4. If she can do it will depend how big and heavy she is (the zebra goes down as they sit on it) if she can touch the floor while sitting on it she should be able to do it. x
  • toby is one on monday he needs a litte help to bounce and cant get on by him self but still really likes it
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