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Working from home - Beauty Therapist

Hi girls

I am not sure if it is ok for me to talk about this on here but I have decided I do not want to return to my admin job in June next year and I want to stay home and look after Rose myself. Money is tight though and we cannot live on one wage so I have been thinking of idea's of how I can work from home and do things I actually enjoy doing.

I have had an idea of becoming a Beauty Therapist and working from home and was just wondering what you girls thought?? Or if anybody has studied to do this??

It would be a slow start at first but I will attend a college to learn different massages and treatments and then I can fit clients in during the evenings and weekends when hubby is home for Rose??

Please can I have your honest opinions? I would have brochures to start with maybe dropping them off through doors in my local area and also word of month and then see how that went and then maybe start up my own web site??

K xx


  • I run my own spray tanning business from home, but i am mobile so i travel to clients rather than them coming to me. I started when i was pregnant because i already knew i wouldn't want to go back to my job! It's sort of similar to what you're talking about so i hope this helps!

    It is a good idea, but it can be slow at times, the money isn't guaranteed so you have to be able to compensate when the customers don't come! I have a website, advertise on yell, gumtree, give business cards to shops, leave them in toilets, give them to everyone i meet, flier through doors etc, and it does work but i'm not making a fortune!

    If you're willing to put the work in then i would say definitly go for it - i'm considering training up in other areas of beauty to add to my skills so i would hopefully attract more clients as tanning can be limited and seasonal, so as an all round therapist you should have no problems xx
  • Hiya, I agree with JD. Me and my friend have recently become qualified beauty therapists and started our own little business doing mobile treatments and spray tans and specialising in pampering parties.

    We've advertised everywhere but don't get that much business. Don't get me wrong, we've got a few clients but I couldn't rely on it as it's not a guaranteed income. Also, to make it really work you really need to put a lot of time in which is difficult when you have children.

    It's a good idea to have something to fall back on, I wish I'd done a nail technician (extensions) course too as we get so many enquiries but we're not qualified, so I want to add this and threading to my skills to get more business.

    I think it all depends on how much time and effort you want to put in. Also the money side, you have to put quite a bit of maney in in the beginning as you need all of the equipment to start you off.

    I'm glad I've done it, but I think it's a lot more work ad dedication than I thought it would be. I would definitely do the course again. If I didn't work full time already (I was doing the beauty round my other job) maybe we would do better as I'd have more time and energy to put in. Think I'm rambling now!! Hope all goes well and good luck with whatever you decide xx
  • Thank you girls for your feed back I have looked into courses and so on and I think the one that catches my eye is this course:

    Reflexology Course, Aromatherapy Body Massage Course, Indian Head Massage Course

    Its a 5 day course where I would learn these things. I think I would like to eventually add loads to it and would like to learn how to do nails and so on as well.

    I thought it would be slow at times, this is why I am thinking about doing this now so that come next June I should have a rough idea if this is something that I can do and really make some money out of it or not.

    Also I am thinking if it did not work doing it at home then I would at least have a new trade that I could to a shop maybe or a salon and so on and work maybe there?

    K xx
  • Klou great idea, I'm a qualified Accountant and have thought about going self employed but I'm the main bread winner and not sure we could run the risk.

    Just a word of warning, if u start working during ur maternity leave you'll lose your SMP and also your occupational pay too.

    Claire x
  • Thanks Claire image I have looked into it more and in fact there is a whole more to it that I had not really thought about.

    I live in a rented house at the mo so do not think I would be allowed to work from here.

    I have thought of another idea though will post another post to see what you girls think.

    K xx
  • I'm always interested in these types of posts - i gave up work and became self employed so i could be at home with my son. I work as a childminder though, so totally different.
    I was just wondering though if the course you are looking at would be the most useful...I've just noticed that at the moment with money being a bit tough, my friends and i have given up things like massages, but still need to have waxing, eyebrow shaping, nails etc done, so maybe it would be better for you to focus on those kinds of things? Feel free to ignore me though, i don't know much about the beauty market, this is just based on observing people i know!
  • I agree I think if I went into the Beauty field I think I would learn how to do nails and waxing and things like that as that I think would give more regular business.

    Thanks honey

    K xx
  • This is a really old post. But anyone reading here who ventured into the beauty business (work at home) and is successful? :) I'm interested in the field as well and would like to know more about it.


    I want to start my own business from home as a beauty therapist and I am quite unsure about the procedure

    I know you have to apply for an insurance but I am not sure which one I apply for, also after that I would want advertise my business by leafleting, would it be okay for me to put my address on it and which services I would be offering? 

    Please kindly help me with this

    thank you

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