Bowen technique for colicky babies. . .

Hi there,

My baby boy is 7 weeks today and he suffers with terrible colic, i was told by my best friend that she went to a bowen therapist. They treat everyone of all ages and work wonders with colicky babies apparently. I just wanted to let everyone know incase, like me, your desperate to help your colicky baby. Ive truied infaclo, gripe water, and am now on colief in every feed and using dr, brown bottles, they help a little but i have booked to go and see a bowen therapist, best of all for babies the therapist im taking him to see does not charge for babies as it only takes 2 minutes!
She said that some babies may only need one session, whereas others might need 5. Either way if it works its more than worth it. I know it wont be rubbish cause my best friend who has a 5 week old really reccommended it!
Heres the website and they will tell you your nearest practitioner. Hope this helps, and has anyone else used this???



Hope some of you find this helpful, lots of love Sophia x x x

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  • Hi, could you please post to let us know if this 'treatment' works! I have a 2 and a half week old daughter who gets colic, at the moment we have been told to persevere with using infacol but it would be interesting to know what other options are available. Thanks xx
  • I will let you know i'm taking him next weekend so ill keep u posted, my best friend swore by it though so ill soon find out! i was told to persevere with infacol but i found that if you use it before every feed that when the colic comes on really bad the infacol doesnt help cause they are used to it! So ill give this a try, but colief really calms colic down a lot! Its pricey 9.99 for only 7ml but it calms down the severity o the colic and ive only been giving it to him for a little while x
  • Thanks, if she doean't settle down i will ask my hv for colief. Good luck with the bowen technique tho xx
  • The colief gave my baby the runs and a bad tum, i wouldnt give your baby it x x x ive stopped it now and gone back to infacol x x
  • kate2007 infacol is accumulative, it takes time to work, i found that it worked best after using it for two weeks.
  • Colief gave my baby's the runs aswell.

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