You know you're a Mummy when...

I have stolen this idea from the pregnancy forum!


You know you're a Mummy when:

Leaving the house is planned like a military expedition. Nappies? Check. Dummies? Check. Muslins? Check...

You manage to convince yourself that 5am is the 'best part of the day' and you'd be up and about at this time regardless of your LO...

The words 'bad sleep habits' are enough to bring you out in a cold sweat.

You manage to go the whole day without brushing your hair - and you don't care.

You pretend to be super-pleased when your NCT friend talks about her baby's 12 hour sleeps, but you secretly want to push her into the nearest pond.

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  • You accessorise every outfit with a little bit of baby sick.

  • hi, I'm having a nose from toddler but I love these so must join in.....

    you know you're a mum when.... constantly have snot / food bit on each shoulder!! even with a 3 year old!!!!! sit at work and sing the theme tunes to cbeebies / postman pat / INTNG constantly!!! feel extremley smug when you see an old NCT friend who toddler was screaming blue murder and having the most horrendous tantrum in tesco's and your lo is just being the most angelic behaved child that day!!!........ sorry evil me.....It happened yesterday!!!
  • Your make up bag is getting dusty! :lol:
  • I really needed comething like this today to cheer me up...
    Completelty agree with above points!

    You know you're a Mummy when:

    1. You constantly wash your hands, even if just done it, before sorting LO bottles.

    2. You no longer care that you have a top with baby sick n shoulder from the morning.

    3. Everything vaguly emotional makes you cry, even adverts.

    4. You still come out with 'special' comments, baby brain will never go...

    5. You talk about poo / wee like it's a fun game when checking LO's nappy. still no idea what thats all about and i do it loads! :lol:

    6. You find yourself looking at post baby body then your baby and shrugging your shoulders, bikini body has nothing on cuddles with your amazing baby image

    7. You have to have concetration of scientist to rememer how many scoops of milk powder you have put in bottle so far, occasionally losing count & having to throw it down sink and start again.

    8. You find yourself happily watch / listening to those annoying baby programmes you swore never to watch, because a little peron finds them facinating (often bringing little tear)

    9. conversation switches from what your doing /did at he/she did the biggest burp / poo yesterday...oooh and the bogies that come out of our LO! :lol:

    Could write these forever, best let someone else have a go!x
  • You get seriously excited about a new changing bag and how there's a pocket for everything baby related!

    You talk through everything you do and wonder why people look at you strangely when you realise LO is at home with DH!
  • The baby changing bag is your handbag!
  • You leave for work, it's pouring with rain-lo is head to toe in wet weather gear, I'm wearing a summer blouse and sandles (I have no time to dress appropriately!)

    You're sitting in an important meeting in work and look down to see a
    snail trail of toddler snot across your trousers

    Hubbie gets home and the first thing you tell him is what go-bo's just eaten on the latest episode of big barn farm

    (all have happened to me in the last week!)

  • The baby changing bag is your handbag!

    PMSL-so true!x
  • You don't mind the fact that there is a bit of poo under your fingernail! Rush to wash my hands while trying not to inhale? No, I'll just finish what I'm doing first x
  • there is muslin in every room of the house.

    you can have entire conversations with someone whose vocabulary consists solely on variations of the word 'da',
  • you're still sat watching cbeebies even though your lo has been napping for the past half hour.

    You class getting up at 8am a massive lie in.

    Even though you give yourself pleanty of time to get somewhere, you still end up rushing there at the last minute due to having to do an emergency change just as you're about to step out the front door.
  • LMAO becci we do that all the time Lee will be out playing and I'm fascinated by imagination movers wtf!!!

    You put your hand in your bag to get your phone an pull out a sock, a used baby wipe with food that is no longer detecable and at least 2 toys all before locating hte phone lol
  • Quote:

    7. You have to have concetration of scientist to rememer how many scoops of milk powder you have put in bottle so far, occasionally losing count & having to throw it down sink and start again.

    This made me giggle coz i do it far too often! How hard is it to count to 4?! x
  • oh becciboo - its not just me then!! Hubby took ds out to park last saturday, they were gone hour and half and he came back in and said "mum why you watching peppa pig, you like peppa pig?"!!!

  • You remember at bed time that DD pooed all over your bed in the morning and you never got round to changing the sheets - never mind it's now dry so you climb in anyway!!!!!!
  • These made me laugh so much.

    On a slightly more serious note, I realised that I was a mummy when it dawned on me that nothing else in the world matters apart from the safety, wellbeing and happiness of my lo.

    Being insanely protective is another giveaway! - Woe betide anyone who tries to harm even a hair on my son's head.....!!! I definitely can't be held responsible for my actions!!!

    Great thread - keep them coming!

  • You crave a moment to yourself all day, but as soon as LO has gone to bed you miss her and want a cuddle!
  • Grrrr it ate my reply lol

    You go shopping and never buy anything for yourself anymore - I love shopping, what's happening to me!?!! lol

    You're so attached to lo you panic walking round tesco on your own that you've left her in the car or somewhere - she's safe at home with hubby but heart stopping moment or what!? lol

  • You're standing talking to someone, and you realise you're jigging around, even though you're not holding the baby

    You've mastered eating with one hand and eat very, very quickly
  • You call your OH Daddy all the time!

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