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Hi all,

My son is 6 months and I started weaning him at 20 weeks as he started refusing milk and waking in the night after sleeping through from 16 weeks. I thought it was teething at first but once I started weaning him I knew he was ready and now already has 3 meals a day but he is still waking in the night for his dummy at least twice.

Now I am worried he is not having enough or he has got too used to sleeping with his dummy. Also he wakes really early this morning.

Last night he went to bed at 7.30 and woke up at 3am, 4.30, 5am and then 6.30am he woke up for the day.

He has the following to eat:

5oz milk and cereal with 3oz milk for breakfast
homemade vegtables for lunch (same as 1/2 a jar) and 3 ice cubes of fruit puree
whole jar for dinner and 1 yogart
6 - 7oz milk before bed

I have tried getting him to have more milk in the day but ever since I started weaning him he has refused it even more.

Will he just grow out of sleeping with his dummy and start to sleep through or do I need to do something??

I know some babies are still waking for feeds so I am really lucky I know but I really thought he would be sleeping through by now.

Should I put him to bed later? and let him have a late afternoon nap instead?

Any advise is really welcome.

image xx
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