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Hi girls,
I hope you don't mind me popping over to ask a question. I woke up on wednesday and started bleeding heavily so went to hospital and was kept in for 24 hours. I was discharged yesterday as the bleeding has stopped and told to rest. I'm stll suffering from cramps but the dr has said that this could be because the bleed has irritated my uterus but this should ease in a few days time. I'm really stressed out and worried that the bleeding is a sign that i'm going to lose my baby (even though babys heartbeat was fine). I'm a nervous wreck! Did any of you ladies suffer from bleeding in pregnancy (especially in 2nd or 3rd trimester) and go on to have a healthy baby? I'm trying to be positive but i'm struggling at the moment.

17 weeks today!


  • i had a bleed at 7wks and at 13wks and started to pass clots but my twins were born healthy,i know easier said than done but please try and relax and keep the pma going


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