Britains worst mum facing jail...



    part of me thinks great, she shouldn't have fiddled the system, but the other part of me worries about what will happen to the two kids... surely if she faces jail he should too for aiding and abetting....? Poor little ones :\(

  • I'm a bit torn with this too. I'm all for punishing people who fiddle the system but the only one who will suffer is the child. Although thinking back to the programme she did nothing for her baby. She left her in her cot until midday and then was completely ignored while mum sat on the pc all day and was fed junk food. Maybe she would be better off being looked after by a family member, it would be desperately sad to see her fall into the care system all because of her parents greed.

    Cat xxx
  • Bloody good job she got caught, selfish cow!
    As for her little ones, maybe its for the best? if she is that awful/ bad mummy etc wouldnt it be better for the angels if they were with people who looked after them, loved them? they are still young so it would be a better start to their life than living with her surely???

    I really really hope she gets her just deserts.
  • my biggest bugbear is benifit fiddlers! and the worse thing ever is to treat your children bad so im with babs4 on this one.
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