Selling preloved cloth nappies

I realise I should probably put this in the reuseables forum but it always seems really quiet...

Anyhoo, I want to sell 2 nappies that dont suit LO's skinny legs (Cushie Tushie couture and Lollipop AIO) but I have no idea how to go about it. Can anyone recommend the best place to advertise and also how I should go about in terms of price etc. The CT has only been worn twice and the lollipop maybe no more than 8 times so they're not well worn at all!

Thanks in advance!


  • i am the same with my rainbow lollipops. i was also temptem to tr t sell my fuzzibunz, but am getting to grips with those now. i also have an itti bitti small that is too small. cloth nappy tree i have been told about. i think you just say what you want for them,
  • what size fuzzibunx you got calleigh?
  • is great for buying or selling cloth, otherwise I agree with cloth nappy tree.

  • can i just jump in with a cheeky question.

    do you use bambo inserts and if yes were do you get them from?x
  • one size. its probably just me not wanting to use poppers. my friend tried one on her 9 month old and it was fine so thin im going to give them more of a fair try. its just i love my bgs too much!
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