Finger Sucking - Anyone Else Having This Problem?

Our son is 15months & insists on sucking on his fingers, the problem is though that he's worn away the skin at the top of his mouth so the bone/tooth is visible so I'm getting a little concerned. Is there anyway we can get him to stop? Thanks xx


  • Our LO started sucking her thumb from being a few weeks/ months old and we gave her a dummy to stop her with the intention that we can take the dummy away. She now only has her dummy when she goes to sleep. I'm not sure if this will help you though and whether you would want to introduce a dummy at 15 months if you haven't already.

  • thanks for the reply kaytay :\) C.D had a dummy for a little while but wasnt overly keen so came off it at around six months, hoping to find another way of getting him to stop x
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