4 months and not sleeping through, anyone the same?

Hi all,

Oliver is now 4 months and is still waking in the early mornings for a feed..he has slept through occationally...I feed him 210ml during the day which will take him to 5 hours till his next bottle and his late night bottle (10/11pm) I give him a 240ml which should take him for 6 hours...I just want him to sleep from 10pm bottle till 7am...trying to wean him off his dummy at the same time.....and I think he's going through a growth spurt at the moment, so not having fun at all!


  • your not the only one!!! Louise has started only needing 1 feed a night over the past week and also wakes up for her dummy occasionally too. On Friday night I got 6 hours continuous sleep for the first time in many many months! (I didn't sleep well during pregnancy) She is 20 weeks btw.
  • Hi

    Have you tried to feed him more often during the day ? 5 hours is quite a long time between feeds - my son Brodie is 15 1/2 weeks and feeds every 3 - 31/2 hours during the day - seems to top him up and he sleeps 8pm until 6am ish then has a feed and goes back to sleep until about 8:30

    Leah xxx
  • Thanks for the replies!
    Yes, tried feeding him sooner than he should (never known him to turn a bottle down!) but alas, he may miss his 10/11pm feed but will wake up for the next one...I know about dream feeding but I cannot leave him in a nappy for so many hours, feel quilty, so a dream feed will not work!
  • Hi hun, i cant help as Ellie didnt sleep all night till she was 9 months! x
  • Just thought i'd say my Ellie is 8 months & sleeps from about half9/10 then wakes at 4/half 4 for a feed & goes back over for a couple of hours...they are all so different & in my opinion they'll sleep through when they want to even if it is a bloody pain in the arse for us being so exhausted! xx
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