Questions if you've had lo christened

Would like to know a few things if possible, sorry if being a bit nosy!

How far in advance did you have to book the church/service?
How many godparents are you allowed to have or does this vary?
Did you have party or meal afterwards? If you went to a pub for a meal did you pay for all guests meals too? Did you have to invite the vicar?
Is there anything else re the service you have to organise?

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  • Hiya hun. My nephew was christened last weekend, and my sister booked two weeks ago! I think most of them it's best to give some notice though. She had 3 sets of godparents, then went to a pub where they provided the food themselves. Not sure if they invited the vicar! Apparently he was playing the guitar and it was all a bit groovy, lol. xxx
  • we had to book a few weeks in advance but it'll just depend on how busy ur church is, we HAD the have 2 men and 1 woman for JJ but again this depends on how strict ur church is...we just went to a pub afterwards with a buffet and we didn't invite the vicar :\)
  • Hi
    We booked our christening about 6 weeks in advance and it was held just before Xmas. We invited people back to our hosue for sandwiches etc etc. We wanted the church hall but it was booked out that day and the local pub was too expensive for us. The vicar came to see us the weke before and we watched a video about baptism and she just chatted about Lily to us and told us what would happen on the day. We had 3 god parents - all women. We didn't invite the vicar but sent her some cake afterwards!
  • We have ours booked for 22nd Feb. Booked it on 12th January. We are having 3 godparents - 2 women and one man. Afterwards we are going to a pub across to the road and putting on a buffet, Not planning on inviting the vicar - i hadnt even considered it!
  • Hi
    -The church we got lo christened at preferred ppl to book 6 weeks in advance but could do sooner if they could fit you in, however we booked a few months in advance!
    -We could have up to 5 godparents but we chose 3, 2 men 1 woman
    -We had a buffet at our local social club similar to a pub after wards and paid them to provide the food
    -We invited the vicar at the end of the service but he said he was quite busy for the rest of the day!
    -We didnt have to organse anything else, just sent out invitations and turned up the same time as everyone else!
    HTH xx
  • Thanks all for answering my many questions!
    I'm surprised you don't have to book so far in advance so that's good.
    Our church is open on a Friday evening to chat about these things so we'll have to go soon.

    We were thinking of going to a local pub for Sunday lunch afterwards. Do you think it's "cheeky" of us to get relations to pay for their own meal as we can't really afford much?

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  • No I wouldnt think so :\)
    We had quite a few ppl at our los christening so had a buffet as a easy option but if we had just immediate family we would probably had arranged a sit down meal but would expect everyone to pay for there own meal as no way we could afford to buy everyone!
  • No I wouldnt think so :\)
    We had quite a few ppl at our los christening so had a buffet as a easy option but if we had just immediate family we would probably had arranged a sit down meal but would expect everyone to pay for there own meal as no way we could afford to buy everyone!
  • we booked about 4 weeks in advance vicar is a family friend.
    we had 3 godparents (2men, 1 woman)
    party at my parents
    colletion for the church
    bought the vicar a bottle of gin!

  • hi we booked four weeks in advance you sposed to go to a preperation evening before and was asked to go to church twice before although we only went once. you can have as many godparents as you want but they can only fit four on the official register. we had party in pub down road hired there back room. i did a massive party shop with all cheeky buffet food sandwhiches sausage rolls pork pie salads crisps peanuts quiche sausage on sticks etc loads of sweets and cakes for kids selection of puddings all for ??85 catered for 40 to 50 people so worked out at ??2 per head i was really pleased evry one commented on food but sunday lunch is a lovely idea . i would think you gonna have to be upfront about the payment as you dont want anyone to feel embarassed. My mum wanted to pay for ours she came shopping with me to pay and gave me room hire money maybee if you discussed your ideas with your family they might offer to contribute? oh and we invited vicar to come down for some food but he had a sunday lunch at home he said he would love to come for pint though!!!! i think its bad manners not to offer. (so my brother advised me lol)
  • I don't think it's cheeky at all. You could just put on the invite "then back to such and such pub where if you'd like you can purchase a meal, or otherwise just join us in celebration with a drink and your company" or similar. xxx
  • hi
    i have 5 kids and have baptised them all at the same church.
    We usually book a few months ahead just to give vicar warning. He usually likes to do a few together after his last sunday service at about 12.30.

    With our first we were skint and therefore we invited everyone back to the pub but asked them to pay for their own meals and drinks. We provided few bottles of wine and sparkly for toast and the cake. We said dont buy a gift but come to the pub instead. We just could not afford to pay and we were living with my mum so not fair to ask to use her house. It was a smashing day.

    With the others we have done various things. Had one at the house, one a a pub with a spread provided, one at restaurant with about 120 people......agghhhhhh

    Last one we only invited family and had a lavish meal in a beautiful country house. We live abroad so was nice to see our close family for a whole day. It was not cheap but she is our last and it was worth it..

    Godparents. Up to you... we usually have 2 of each sex.

    good luck and enjoy whatever you do

    d xxxx
  • forgot....invited vicar but he never came. Bought him bottle of whisky and everyone put money in collection at end of service for church roof fund etc...
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