you getting ready in morning

im currently living with my mum in law and my lil man is unwell at mo and not sleeping in the morning,but it has made me think about when he does drop his am nap as he is 14 mths now. i usually get showered and dressed when he went down but now i cant! there isnt any room for a play pen.
he isnt predictable with the times he gets up although rarely before 6am, usually between 6-7.30.
what do you guys do? and im thinking of how/when i have another one it must be hard in the mornings.


  • hi i have 2 girls one who is 4 and one 11 weeks. me and hubby work as a team in the morning as we get up at 7, hubby leaves at 7:45 and i like us all to be ready by 8!
    so hubby will get up with dd1 and she eats her breakfast in kitchen, hubby brings up bottle whilst i change dd2's nappy and get her dressed. i then feed dd2 whilst hubby gets washed. dd1 comes upstairs and goes and has wash whilst i finish feeding dd2. once dd2 is all done she has a lie down in crib whilst i make sure dd1 is dressed properly! and do her hair. hubby will be dressed by then so takes both girls downstairs and i jump in shower. dd2 has normally fallen asleep again by time im washed. once im out of shower hubby goes to work. so dd1 is either watching tv, colouring or playing in lounge with dd2 asleep in lounge, hubby has gone to work and i finish getting myself ready. only takes 10 mins as all clothes are got ready the night before and i have short hair now!
    so i come down check girls are ok and get some breakfast, put washing on, do washing up, change dd2s nappy again, put shoes and coats on and we are out door by 8:30 to get dd1 to school for 8:40 x
  • DH gets up at 7 and showers, Then when he is out of the shower, I get up and shower while he gets dressed and amuses DS. He then changes DS's nappy while I get dressed and then we all go down for breakfast. I give DS his bottle while DH has his breakfast and finishes getting ready for work. I normally sort my hair and face out when DS has a nap around 9am.

    wannababy - you sound SUPERORGANISED - very impressive - something to aspire to me thinks! image LOL x
  • lol i dont think im organised my friend thinks i have ocd as i have to do things the same way each day otherwise i get all flustered!! me and dd2 even get up at 7 am at weekends. i find as ,long as lunches and clothes are ready the night before you will find things alot easier. also have everything to hand. i hgave dd2 clothes and nappys by side of my bed so im not looking for stuff in the morning and i must say dd1 is very well behaved so that helps loads!!
  • Shea dropped his afternoon nap first but still has a morning nap and he's 2 1/2 but I also work and have to be smart and hubby is either at work, leaving at 5.30am or on nights so goes to bed at 6.30am, so I have to work it out and get me and lo dressed and out of the house by 8am!!

    I have a stairgate on Shea's entrance to his bedroom and the bathroom is next door so I pop him in his room to play and I shower. I will then take my hairdryer / straightener and make up downstairs and get ready in the kitchen while he's having his breakfast.

    I have found it easier since he's got older as he'll amuse himself and play or watch tv and let me get ready
  • If either of hubby of I are home alone when getting ready in the morn we just pop lo in his cot with a book and a toy and leave him to play for 10 mins. e likes to watch and brush his won hair while I'm using hairdryer etc.

    When he was younger I put him in cot with mobile on and he was fine.

    Not sure what we'll do when he's not in cot. Maybe have to put a gate on his room like Claire. S x
  • I usually just stay stinky to be honest! image
    Either I grab a quick shower while she cries, take her into the shower with me, or:

    I give DH a lift to work in the morning on the proviso that he gets Abby up and dressed and fed, while I get myself ready. He usually has time to get himself ready before she wakes up, but on the occasions when she is up early, I look after her while DH gets ready then he looks after her while I get ready.

    I am sure when he does skip his naps, you will just fall into a rhythm that works for you. xxx
  • see my OH is out the house by 530am! so its just me except weekends.
    when lil one was baby used to take in shower with me in his bouncer but i cant now, i guess my only alternative is put in cot with toys or get up at 6am to be up before him.
  • I've always taken ds into the bathroom with me while I shower - he's 20 months now, so I tend to just put a few bath toys on the floor for him to play with or he'll just chat to me. I did have a little while of putting him in his cot to play, but he'd get upset then go to sleep, and if he sleeps in the morning now it really messes up the rest of the day.

    I'm expecitng no2 in June, and tbh how to shower is the one thing I can't get my head around - unless I start showering at night but my hair gets greasy so quickly! Claire a belle has a good point though, by then ds will be in his new bedroom (with stairgate on door as he can open the doors), and it's right next to the bathroom, so he can probably play in his room and I'll take the baby into the bathroom with me - doesn't play in his room alone at the mo as it's not totally childproof, but his new room will have to be a he'll be in a bed so will be able to get to things during the night etc.

    Hubby leaves at 7.30 but tbh he barely leaves enough time to get himself ready so there'd be little chance of us both being ready before he goes, unless I get up super-early, which I'm not doing if I don't have to lol
  • I honestly find the stair gate on the door a god send!! Unless my hubby is on a night shift he's out of the door at about 5.15 each morning and I have to be suit smart for work everyday too

    we "toddler proofed" Shea's room and he has a radio in there too as he likes music so he's more than happy to be in his room for half hour or more, in fact he even asks to go play in his room now.
    this then allows me to get more done, weather it be shower or housework.

    Although I have thought about changing his room a bit lately as he has a wooden floor and the noise of a toddler playing is horrendous!! So note to myself - I MUST get it carpeted soon!!!!
  • i was wondering about getting ready. my hubby leaves for work between 5.15 and 5.30am, so i will be getting ready on my own. i was thinking about evening showers when hubby is there, but i dont function without a shower!
  • me too , i cant shower at night i like obe to start thr day!
  • OMG reading some of these posts is really terrifying - I struggle with one LO and have no idea how I would cope with more!! Hats off to you wannababy and all others who are so much more organised than me!!

    I confess I just shower at night when my husband is home and Toby is in bed - although I have always showered at night so that suits me well. In the mornings my husband just gets himself ready and goes to work - Toby and I have usually already been up to feed and then gone back to bed, lol. I'm lucky that Toby is really good at amusing himself either just lying in his basket or on his playmat, and he's only 10 weeks so not rolling yet, so I can just leave him doing that for 15 mins or so while I rush around the house trying to brush my teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, do laundry and empty the dishwasher all at the same time!!
  • I agree organisation is the DH is away alot so its down to me to get our 3 DS up and ready!

    Our day starts at 6.30am, i get all 3 boys up and dressed, then DS1&2 play with DS3 while i get dressed and do my make up. I like to get downstairs by 7am, then DS1&2 eat their brekkie and i feed DS3 whilst having a cuppa image Then back upstairs to brush everyones teeth and into the car for 8am for the school run ;\)

    I cant remember the last time i had a shower in the morning, very quickly got used to evening showers as it saves so much time...and i have to wait for my brekkie til ive dropped DS1&2 at school :lol:
  • At the moment I put my LO in her bouncy chair that I have permanently in the bathroom and have a shower int he morning. She now happily sits there while I have a shower, although when she was younger it was a different matter. Am dreading to think what I will do when she grows out of the bouncer chair but I'm sure we will come up with something. Bath toys on the floor while I shower sounds good Sunflower81. May try that one. Will need to get a really thick bathmat methinks for the floor. Actually scrap that, will probably have to get several to pad the whole tiled floor out haha. Can't expect a baby to keep still on the designated space while I have a shower can I? x
  • No Megan's Mum, a baby won't keep still - I used to take mine in in his bouncy chair (and in his car seat before his neck was strong enough for his bouncy chair), then when he outgrew it I went through a phase of showering during morning nap time, then once he was sitting confidently he started playing on the bathroom floor - once they start pulling themselves up though, remember to move the toilet roll out of reach (and the bleach, loo brush etc obviously!) or babies do a very good Andrex Puppy impression.

    Clair a belle I've already bought the stair gate for the door (Asda babay event) and we haven't even cleared all our rubbish out of the spare room to decorate it for him to move into yet - he can open doors and I don't fancy him getting into the bathroom during the night and putting toys down the loo! I don't know why I didn't think of letting him play in his (newly toddler proofed!) room so I can shower once the baby is here.
  • My routine has changed over the years, depending on he age of the children, and what time they all get up in the morning - don't stress, you will develop ways and means to cope I promise you!

    At the mo, we are a very early start household (so i don't know why I'm still up on here lol! ). Hubby leaves for work at 6 and lo's get up between 6 and half past. I generally let hubby get off to work - listen to the radio for a bit until dd comes and gets me up (by dragging the duvet off and saying mummy up!)

    The boys usually get up with me, and I get myself a cup of tea, make their brekkie (weetabix and toast), and do the pack lunches.

    I then leave them in the playroom (with my 8yr old in charge -the older ones are useful lol) and I get myself ready. I can have a shower if need be, but I often have a bath before bed and read my book (bliss!)

    Then I get the children ready and out the door on the school run by 8.30am. I HAVE to do certain things, like have the children's clothes ready and out, and have the kitchen nice and clean the night before - otherwise I would lose my sanity.

    If dh is at home, this all goes out the window - we generally have breakfast together, then realise the time and run around like mad things lol!

  • it wasnt an issue at all until my son started crawling at 6 months and he is 14 months and been waslking since 11 months, so i cant escape! i do have a play pen that i coulkd try and find room for to set up, but i dont think he will enjoy it in there much, not that im ;long!
  • I have a shower with my LO I always have put her in the end of the bath with a little water. Whilst you have a shower, it's so much easier. And when they're babies put them in a baby chair in the bathroom..x
  • This thread is ace! Sooooo many good ideas! xxxx
  • i tried something new today,i had a shower last night juts before bed. then this morning when i heard LO stiring, i got dressed wash face,teeth ect in ten mins i was done and i got him up! take a while to get used to night shower but i could prob of done it in a an extra 5 if wanted! it wasnt to bad at all.
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