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25th centile?

Hi everyone

I'm not really worried about the weight of my baby as the health visitor is happy but compared to other posts on here Mia Rose seems to be very light! She'll be 13 weeks old on Sunday and weighed 11lb 11oz at the clinic yesterday. She only has 4 (7-8oz) bottles a day (8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm) as she goes to sleep at 9pm and and sleeps right through until 8am! Just wondered if anyone else's baby was following the 25th centile?

Serena and Mia Rose xxxx


  • Barney started out on the 91st centile (porker) but has been steadily dropping and when he was weighed 2 weeks ago was on the 25th. He was weighed again this week and has stayed on the 25th so I think he was just settling down to the weight he is supposed to be. It's strange though because he looks huge and always gets mistaken for an older baby. He must be made of something very light lol
  • Petra was born on the 91 centile and now is just above 9.She is 9 months old and weighs just around 17 pounds(7,5 kg exactly) and absolutly nobady worries about it.Dietetian was concerned for about a week but now she is happy too.She is extremely active,allways on the go,happy and healthy.and aparently the chart was based only on the study of 50 children so it is not that accurate.
  • Teagan is also following the 25th centile, she's 12 weeks and now weighs 10lb 14ozs, think she's going to take her daddy's build as he's slim build and I'm anything but!!

    As long as she's gaining weight steadily they don't seem to worry. I'm constantly worried cos Teagan is sick loads and never asks for more after being sick. Apparently I was a sicky baby but always wanted to fill up again after being sick, could explain why I'm now constantly on a diet!

    Corinna x
  • Thanks everyone, that's reassuring to know.

    Zoey - thanks for your comments on Mia's photo's. I finally got round to putting some on Facebook!! It's taken me nearly 13 weeks! It's only photo's of when Mia was a few days old though - I must put some more recent ones on there when I get a chance to download them from my camera! I love your profile pic - very sweet! Out of interest when does Ruby have her 3 bottles? xxxx

  • Hi Serena! And congratulations again on baby Mia. Just seen your pics on facebook and she'sjust lovely!!!!

    Josh is between the 25th and 50th centile and follows a similar routine to Mia in terms of feed amounts and times.

    He's almost 20 weeks now and was 14lb 14oz when he was weighed last week (at 18+ weeks). he was 6lb 6oz at birth, and since then has shot up in weight, but he now seems to have caught up and his weight has been steadily following s line in between 25th and 50th centile for a few weeks now. HVs are happy with his weight.
  • I think it is so funny because though Petra weighs very little she perfectly fits 12 month clothes.And she is 9 months only,or corrected age 8 months if you wishxx
  • Hi

    I wouldn't worry too much as long as she is continually putting on weight. Emilia started off on the 25th centile for weight but has always been on one of the higher ones for height (I think the 91st??). It always worried me.

    She gradually moved onto the 50th centile for weight and has stayed there ever since - still very tall though.
  • My little boy is on the 2nd centile - but gains weight beautifully. He is 9lb 7 at 9 weeks and was only 5lb 13 at birth.

    I'm not worried at all - some weeks he gains 13oz on breast milk.

    Some babies have to be smaller - that is just the way of things. If your baby is healthy then don't worry! Not everyone can be bigger than average.
  • I now how worry it is love bin thought it all with Faith how big was she at birth. Faith was 8,6lbs birth on 75th line she dropped down the line inbetween 9th and 2nd line she now 28 week 14.4lbs but she lost weight to.
    AS long as stage on that line if she having problem feeding her talk your HV if you ever need to talk i am hear . If you on facebook i set a group to help with all the up down you welcome to join
  • Hi Serena!
    I really wouldn't worry at all. Josh will be a year old next week (already) and he has followed the 25th centile the whole way!
    As long as your LO is eating as she should be, and is happy - there is no reason to be concerned.
    Take care,
    Tina x
  • I really wouldn't worry. My daughter has gone up & down between the 25th -9th centiles & is perfectly healthy. She's now 27 months & only just gone into 12-18 month clothing! I breast fed on demand then introduced solids through baby led weaning so I never really knew how much she drank or ate but you have to trust that they take what they need when they need it.

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