when can you .........?

OK random question sorry.

Had lo 9 days ago and have spen that past 5 days or so hornier than i ever have been in my life.

do you have to wait a certain amount of time first before you can do 'it' again? I am still a little bit sore - but nothing too bad and I didn't have stitches (suprising as lo was 8lb 8oz)

dont really think i could wait much longer as ever time i look at oh i just wanna jump on him.


  • are you not still bleeding? i know some ppl dont mind if they are, but surely you'd be quite heavy right now?? i waited bout 3 weeks but still its entirely up to you, there is no time whennyou can or cant just depends if you feel up to it?
  • If you want to have sex and feel ready...do it! But take it slow. I wouldn't let oh near me until lo was 8 weeks old! Couldn't bare putting anything near down there, it took ages to pluck up the courage to look in the mirror at my stitches. I was also worried about the way my body looked after having the baby, I felt so unattractive and unsexy, although oh probably didn't notice anything different lol xoxox
  • Cripes you're brave!! I'd wait until bleeding has stopped as you are still prone to infection until womb heals. Last time I admit I only waited a few weeks but I had a section so no issues down below and bleeding had stopped but this time I've told hubby not to get his hopes (or anything else) up!!
  • bleeding had pretty much stopped, was really heavy for about 4 days and now is just a bit of spotting now and then but isn't continious.

    prob only want it so bad cos i cant have it
  • It's probably safer to wait till you have had your 6 week checkup. Then you will know if everything is alright down there!

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