This is getting silly now!


Maiya will be 15 weeks on sunday and is totally out of control with her milk. she has been wanting more and more over the past 2 and a bit weeks so finally decided to move her onto hungry baby milk on tuesday but she is still taking 3 x 7 ounce bottles, 1 x 8 ounce and when tried to put her down tonight she has happily taken about 11 ounces!!! we try everything else to settle her but just wants more food. she's waking again at about 3/4am and you can hear her tummy rumbling and she's clearing 8 ounces. she's having 5 bottles in total in 24 hours. she was 11 days over her EDD and was born 8 llbs 3 ounces and now nearly 14 pounds. is it time to bring out the baby rice???? don't want to wean her too early but this is getting silly. I would see HV but she's 9 million years old and just spouts the gov guidelines about weaning at 6 months etc.

any advice as am worried she'll get ill with this much milk. have tried offering cooled, boiled water and doesn't want it. don't thik she's thirsty as feeds every 3 hours in the day.



  • It may just be a growth spurt hun, I would try and hold off if possible till16/17 weeks then try a bit of rice but you know best and if you think she is ready then give it a go but I would try and leave it a little bit longer.
    Sorry not that much help!
  • Hi, my lo was the same, he was guzzling 6oz bottles by 4 weeks old. And on 10oz by 4 months. I weaned him at 16 weeks but kind of regret doing it so early - don't think he was really ready - however it's gone well and he eats great at 6.5 months, never refuses anything and is great at finger food. I would carry on with Maiya's milk tbh and bear in mind the closer you can get to 6 months the better. I always think there is a huge difference, between wanting LOTS of milk, and wanting 'real' food. How is Maiya's head control - can she sit with support (ie. in a bumbo or similar). That can be a sign of readiness x
  • hi lynda, maybe u should consider giving maiya some babyrice. she definately seems very hungry! totally your choice, if u feel she is ready for it then go for it. i didn't tell my hv i was going to wean charlie cuz i knew she would tell me its against quidelines etc, but i just knew he was ready and he is much better since starting solids xx
  • dont worry my bb bay is the same and even after eating at 3/4 in the morning when he wakes ups around 8 or 9 am he stills dont eat until about 11 am. this is normal as they start losing interest in the milk and want to start weaning because yours is about 15 weks just wait a least till he is 16 weeks or more then just try baby breakfast in the morning and still encourage to have some milk only at about six or by six months your baby should be having 3 meals plus the milk.
    what ever you do wait till 16 weeks hun and youll see it get better,

    godd luck
  • Hi Lynda

    Maiya sounds like Brodie - tho thankfully he doesn't wake through the night - but he polishes off 8oz bottles every 3 hours during the day - has about 40oz of hungry baby milk since about 10 weeks when i put him on to hungry baby milk on advice of HV as he was waking after previously sleeping through - she also thought at that point he was ready for weaning but was obviously too young !!

    Brodie is 15 weeks today and at the HV on monday she was amazed i hadn't started to wean him as he is a big boy - he was 10lb 3 1/2 oz at birth and now 17 lb 7oz - My HV said having that volume of liquid is a bit much and she shouldn't be recommending it due to gov guidelines - but she said not all babies conform to standard guidelines and in these circumstances she would give him a bit of baby rice for a couple of weeks then move onto purees.

    I love my HV image

    Do what u think is right for Maiya - as u know both her and Brodie were late and they actually say its ok after 17 weeks from due date

    Leah xxx
  • hiya love does sound like a growth spurt to me too.. perhaps move up to 9 ounces and over the day she might be able to make up the extra bit she needs for the night time!
    i've started to wean Charlie he is nearly 20 weeks but doing it very slowly just on one meal a day & to be honest has just had some jabs so has had no solids for the last two days as he just cried when they were offered & just prefered his milk.
    Charlie is also a big boy born 2 weeks early at 8 pounds 6 ounces & I had him weighted about 7 weeks ago and he was a whooping 15 pound odd! (lol must bring him back again!!)
    having said all this no body knows your baby like YOU do so trust your instincts! xx
  • Thanks (as always) for the great advice ladies. After her whopping 11 ounce feast before bed last night at 7.30pm she slept through until just before 6am this morning - the best sleep so far. I guess she's just a hungry girl!! Think i'll up her bottles to 8 ounces in the day and then just let her fed at her bedtime bottle until she's satisfied and see how that goes for a couple more weeks. She has excellent head control and we use a bumbo and door bouncer but some little niggly thing makes me think she not quite ready for food yet. I guess as long as the volume of milk isn't making her sick (she is very happy in herself) then it's ok.

    thanks again image))

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