Dry skin on face

I'm just wondering if you could reccomend some cream for babies dry skin on face, Alyssa has lots of dry skin on her face and in her hair line ive tried E45 and a few others but nothing seems to work

Thanks Clair xx


  • Try diprobase, from chemist/doc can prescribe...has worked wonders for our LO who had chronic dry skin
  • My lo had REALLY dry skin on her face and head to the point where she would constantly rub her face back and forth on your clothes when she was being held - it was obviously very itchy for her. I too tried everything including olive oil, E45, Johnsons creams, Burts Bees etc and nothing worked for her. I took her to the GP who prescribed Aveeno cream and it sorted out the problem almost overnight - it was brilliant - I still put it on her twice a day to keep her skin nice and soft. I think that you can buy it over the counter at the chemist - I collected my prescription from Lloyds the Pharmacy so I know that they have it. Can't recommend it enough!
  • Emila has the same thing - I put olive oil on and it made her skin red and gave her spots!!

    The doc has prescibed oilatum cream for her. She has oilatum in her bath every night as she has sensitive skin.

    Might also try the Aveeno cream debbie12 has suggested, as I used that when I was pregnant and no stretch marks!!

  • Diprobase is fab. My ds had dry skin as a baby and was prescribed this. He recently had a bout of very dry skin again (he's now 6) and has been prescribed it again and within a week of using it his skin is so much better already
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