worried please advise

hi girls
annie started on formula on sunday (with ebm) and for last couple she has been only onformula and she is no havin enough!!! 2dat she has only had about 12 oz and after a couple of oz screams!!!!

she also had her second lot of jabs on monday!!! she seems fine in herself still a very happy baby except when tryin to feed her!!! although i have noticed she has a little cough since the jabs!!!!

any advice will be greatly appreciated



  • may be it is a combination of her having a wee cough and jabs so is not feeling as hungry as she usually is oooooorrrrr it could be that as she has been bf to now she is feeling more full as the formula is heavier on her stomach and it is just taking a wee while for her to get used to it???

    i would say as long as she is taking something for hte minute see how it goes but take her to your baby club to make sure her weight gain doesn't drop off xx
  • I agree with moonbeam its most likely to be a combination of a cold and jabs and she's feeling a bit out of sorts.

    If after a few days her intake doesn't pick up you could always try a different formula. Some say SMA is quite heavy but we found Dylan took to this one better than aptamil or cow and gate that were too frothy.

    Or what size teat are you using? It maybe that its not coming out the bottle fast enough and she's getting really upset as she's frustrated?

  • Hi Girls
    I have been using size 2 teats for last 2 weeks so dont think it is that!!! 2day was pretty much the same until she did an almighty poo and she has taken her last bottle like normal!!! the whole 6oz!!!!
    I am hopin she just was feelin blocked up from the change (breast milk to formula even tho I did try to do it gradually!!!)
    Thankyou so much for your advice!!! I am a worrier!!!lol

  • thats what makes you a good mum if we didn't worry we wouldn't care glad she seems to be better now xx
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