when should milk spots go?

millie has a few on her head can hardly notice them unless in light or in bath they go a bit red and has dry skin on cheeks that i put cooking oil on ( mw told me this ages ago!) when do they normally go? when they drink less milk?? lol xx


  • I think it's just one of them things, JJ had them REALLY bad when he was a few days old and the MW told me they should clear up in 10-14 days and that i had to basically not wash his face or put cream on to keep them dry...however, they took 5 weeks to clear and he still gets the odd naughty one that like to show its ugly little face now and again (he had one on his eyebrow yesterday thats gone this morning)...MW told me at the time they are caused by hormone inbalances which is why they are so common on newborns so i suppose until they are completely balanced with the outside world they willl still get them now and again! x
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