millie is back on my food yey!

just wanted to share! she had a big bowl of courgett carrot cauliflower with tomato and cheese 2day for dinner then cooked apples and strawberries with rusk ( to thicken it) for tea. ( i use annnabel karmel book)i have just made some cauliflower and brocolli in a cheese sauce and its sooo nice i hope she likes it!! x x


  • Yay! Glad to hear she's back on the good stuff lol x
  • yay, well done millie, glad she is getting better now. xxx
  • thanks image although she hasnt been sleeping well at all been waking all the time ive been constantly picking her up and putting her down dont know if its her teeth or what so far 2night shes been ok fingers crossed!! x x
  • im not sure if the age they r at, but lolah has got quite clingy throughout the day (7mths in 2wks time) and she hasnt been sleeping aswell as she used to, she wakes in the night crying- not wanting a feed or ne thing, but i just have to touch her tummy and she goes bk to sleep but will do the same a few hrs time, maybe its more of a reassurance thing? however, i also think that she is teething, i can see 2 little dents at the bottom of her gum but they just dont want to appear! xxx
  • millie is worse than that i have to pick her up and hold her for a while b4 putting her back down the other night took my 2 hours to put her down kept crying everytime i put her back. yeh it is age my hv said its normal millie is so clingy in day! i hate this age lol although i do love the face shes trying to talk and stuff like that hehe x x
  • aww, bless her. y-day was a complete nightmare, i would only walk in the kitchen- her bottom lip would go and she starts crying hysterically!! so cute but so god damn annoying! lol, i cant seem to get ne thing done.
    hope u manage to get some sleep 2nite, last night i ended up giving lolah nurofen as her cheeks were jus burning, but i dont really want to give it to her if its not her teeth playing up? xxx
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