tea time...what time?

what time does you lo have their tea? grace had hers about 5.30pm

do they have a pudding too?



  • finley has tea and a pudding and has it bout half3-4ish. depends on his mood.xxx
  • Normally Ashton has his about 5pm, however when I was making it tonight he fell asleep!!!!! So will try when he wakes! Yeah normally has a pudding too. xxxx
  • Lily has hers at 5.45pm and she has a pudding after her tea. She will then play until 7pm with her Dad,when she has her bath and then last bottle at 7.30pm then bed.

  • i fed my son anything between 5 and 6pm. he as pudding if hes still hungry all depends what hes like.
  • Hi
    Mine has her's at 5 and a small pud depending on how much she ate, bottle at 7, if she eats later she generally throws the milk up again !
  • Nathan has his at around 4.30 and doesnt have pudding as he started to get quite sicky after this meal but has been fine since. However as a member of the 5am club I am wondering if I'm feeding him too early.
    I'm going to wait until at least 5pm tommorrow and see how we get on from there.

  • Hi,
    Alf has his at 5:30 so his Dad gets to feed him. Haven't added pud yet but we're on 6 spoonfuls of rice so I think we'll have to soon x
  • About 5 pm is teatime and we have main and pudding - lo is 14 months.
  • Jemima has hers tea beween 520-630. She has tea and sometiems pudding which either is yogyurt or fruit, Havent progressed much further with pudding unless anybody can give me some more ideas!
    Bottle 730 then bed at 8ish.
    MumDonna...Im a member of the 4am club, although she did go till 5am yest, She's gone to bed earlier, so it will be interseting if she wakes at 3am lol tomorrow!
  • It depends if he's had a bottle at 3 or not. If he's had that bottle then he'll wait till 5 - 5.30pm, however if he missed the bottle out then he has it at 4.30 as hes starving! lol x

    ETA - he does have pudding, has only just started having it. He has either one of those heinz tins, half a pudding jar, or a fromage frais. I never used to give it but he has dropped 2 centiles so hv said to feed him more! he loves it!

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