hi katie thanks for your reply to me i would have thanked u on there but i dont want to keep bumpin up the post .....can i just say although this isnt my forum a couple of u on here e.g you mrs j bourne and sara (and anyone i have forgotten soz)i remeber from when u were in pregnancy and do know u are not at the heart of these arguements as they never seemed to crop up in there , i dont think anyone is actually responsible just were all allowed to have an opinion good or bad god only knows i have a very strong opinion on things .....i have wondered if i should move over when its my time to and i will because i enjoy be arguein or no arguing so i do hope the people who are causin the real arguements stop so we can enjoy the forum like u just said life is too short xxxxx

lisa 30&5


  • i know this post wasnt really meant for me to read but i was being nosey!! *hugs* thanks for saying that hun, really means a lot! i'm glad someone can see it! hope ur ok...you should definately come over here when u have ur LO, we'll make u feel welcome image x
  • Sorry I was being nosey to - just wanted to say dont worry we are not all bad, and we all have opinions and should be free to voice them, the majority of the time this place offers cracking advice from mums when you need it so never not post

  • thanks for pointing that out, i hadn't even considered that myself...i never had an argument in the pregnancy forum either and i think of myself as good friends with most of the girls in there still...can't wait for them to get over here! x
  • thanks everyone and your not bein nosy i only put katie then dots cos i cant remember everyones name lol......im glad u know i and lots of others dont think ure at the heart of the rows on here i certainly dotn let it affect my blood pressure actually find some comments quite funny cos its all about opinions and were all human with opinions built in ....hope u and all ure lo's are well xxxxxxxxxxx
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