lactose intolerance

phoned wade's pedictaian today to see about pooey bum situation as its still the same this morning after his feed came straight back out.
she told be he might of deveoloped a lactose intolerance how comes this has happened when he has been fine for nearly 6months on normal formula?
so i have to change his milk now to see how he gets on
will this go away is it a short term thing?
if anyone else's bubs have had this problem can u throw any light on it for me.
gio (jo) xx


  • Cole doesn't have lactose intolerance os i can't help on that but I do and i developed it a few years ago.

    I'll try and make sense while i explain it - it was a long time ago when i had it explained to me. Lactose intolerance is basically the inability to process the lactose properly and what happens is that the unprocessed lactose will build up in the body until the body has too much and it makes you ill. Stopping lactose allows the body to catch up on itself again and deal with it.

    I've heard a lot of people say that lo's can grow out of it which is awesome...I wish i could! Lol! For an adult its all about finding your limits - it took me a good while to get the intolerance to settle then i started reintroducing foods into my diet and learned when I'd had too much but over time it got better. Used to be that one icecream could set me off but now i'm fine with ice cream from time to time. I learn my limits and now mostly eat what i want so long as i don't push certain things. Bizzarely - pregnancy cured it for a while.. i had icecream twice a day on honeymoon and was just fine!

    sure you'll probably get more useful help relating to lactose intolerant lo's rather than one ice cream addicted adult but hope it helps a little bit
  • hi hun
    Faith has lactose intolerance they only fornd out when she 26 weeks she allway had runny poo but i did not think much of it it was only when started lossing weight being sick. I now they were talking about putting lactose free milk for about 4 months but not sure wont going to go on has still lossing weight on and of she did reffered to hosiptal she al kind of test has very small 15.7lbs 36 week and big baby born the hard thing is when you start weaning you make sure it all milk free stuff if you more information just get on facebook hun
    carrie and faith
  • justin was from birth and by 3 years old he was find and able to eat and drink all dairy x
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