Grr, early learning centre rant!

Hi ladies, just been trying to do some xmas shopping online... seen something for Evie at elc and I had a 20% off voucher. Anyway, they charge a fiver for delivery so I wouldn't really have been saving much to use it, so thought I'd spend ??50, then I'd get free delivery and the 20% off. But when I typed in the voucher code, it only knocked off ??3.60, then added on the delivery charge so I was paying MORE than if I hadn't used the voucher at all!!! Just really wound me up! Has anyone had anything similar?

I'm gonna have to get off my lazy bum and actually venture out to the shop to buy it now! :lol:



  • Good luck going into the shops, I went in last week with my 20% voucher and it must have taken the assisstants 15mins to get it right!
  • I would copy printscreen where it says 20% off and free deliver ??50. Then print screen where you type in your codes and it only deducts part of the saving. Copy this into a word doc or actually print it out. Then I would phone the customer service and say you have proof and ask if the lines are down. They cant advertise and not produce the end result. I ordered last week and got my 20% off and free delivery. But the week before last it was free delivery only over ??100.

    I thought the voucher applied to everything unless its already on sale or has money off. Ive just read the small print on my email.

    Definately worth phone customer services and tell them the email gives out false infomation to what the website is allowing you to do.

    what did you order...Il give it a dummy run through on my code (i wouldnt be surprised if they are all the same saying that).
  • it may have been a bug that they ahve reolved. I have gone to my basket and it has taken off 20% and given me free delivery on the same product I ordered last week.....
  • oohh, hope its all sorted as im thinkin of getting the sizzelin kitchen and really want the discount to go through. xx
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