fao joey 08 , sarah girly bump claudia t leigh n all kent

hi girls so whos up for a kent mummy meeting babies optional lol!
im in tonbridge which has not alot in it i dont drive but can use public transport to many places so if anyone wants a meet up im on here or facebook Laura Hatcher and my pic is me which is no help but if theres more than one laura hatcher try laura savidge which was my maidenname so the girl who pops up in both lists is me wow that seemed simpler in my head or email [email protected] xxxxxxxxxxx


  • Would def be up for it hun, I can drive but sadly have to share my car with oh at the mo as his has given up the ghost! I still have it a sometimes, maybe once or twice a week when he gets a lift share, thankfully! I dont mind driving up ne where when I have the car. Will search for you on fb now, Im Sarah Hedges. Pic ov little one in baby bouncer x x x
  • I am kent too! Already have laura and sarah linked on facebook but I am laura-leigh pullinger, I think there is only one of me but the pic is of little george xxx

    I drive but would prob have to be a day oh is off to have older 2 maybe? x
  • Ive just found you on fb 2 Sammie.Thats a good idea Laura trying to leave the older two at home, I mite run that past my oh too! I doubt he would have two tho I will be happy if he has one ov them!
  • im in chatham kent would love too meet with use im loren tidy on facebook picture is of me and victoria !!i dont dreive but can get lift or use public transport loren x
  • im in chatham kent would love too meet with use im loren tidy on facebook picture is of me and victoria !!i dont dreive but can get lift or use public transport loren x
  • hello, if you get someone with a profile of baby with Jemima puddle duck, Its my daughter so please accept me image (just updated my facebook photos.

    Im happy to meet up. I have a car and a kent map which stops me from getting lost! So Im happy to drive. Only been here 18mths so a bit clueless on places to meet. Im happy for somebody to suggest a date and place and I'l try and see you there image xxx

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  • hey kent ladies!!! there are actually quite a few of us! I'm in chatham too so Loren, when we do all meet i can give u a lift. i drive so no probs meeting wherever really. Am on fb, i am Claudia Truckell (am the only one, pic is me!) so do find me when u guys get a chance!
  • thanks claudia would be grate if you could hun god i cant wait till i start driveing got to start me lessons first hehe x
  • anybody got any ideas of places where we can meet? xxx
  • i have sent msg on facebook so check your inbox ladies.
    Loren_olivia can you give me a bit more description of your facebook pic so I can add you.
    Leigh....are you on facebook?
    Claudia....Ive sent a friends request...please dont reject me image xxx
  • hay joey its a picture of me cuddleing my daughter she is in the same tracksuit as you see on here but she has back to camera hun x x
  • hope you find me image
  • Loren....think i've found you image
  • Hi all sorry not been on, was a manic day yesterday!!

    Anyhow i have left a message on facebook with a couple of websites about soft play centres in kent, as there was a few suggestions about going somewhere like that?

  • BUMPETY BUMP BUMP BUMP speaking of which i miss mine lol anyway kent girlies who havent added me add me at once lol and bump bump bump
  • bump xxxxxx looks like we are all set for tuesday at wear em out tonbridge xxxxxxxxx
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