Bath with baby?

Hi girls

My little boy is just over 5 weeks old and really doesn't like his bath. It's a supported one and even when it's filled up it only comes up to his waist. I think he might enjoy more of his bathtime if his whole body is submerged. At the moment he cries as if he's cold!! I was wondering whether I could get in our bath with him? I think it would be easier for me to be in the bath too so I can fully support him without fear of losing my grip! Are there any hygiene issues with sharing a bath? Is there a specific age that you should wait until before trying this?

I suppose I could always but an alternative baby bath - but trying to save money!!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




  • I would think it would be fine - when my brother and I were babies we always had baths with my mum or my dad. It was the eighties, and you could do that then!
    I would think as long as the umbilical cord has fallen off it would be fine, and you didnt add any bath foam etc...
  • I'd perhaps wait until post partum bleeding has stopped but after that go for it - as long as someone's around to help you both get out.

    We don't often take baths with lo as he loves to splash and walk around in them but I still do occasionally. His dad's a bit funny about it lol
  • I agree with the others. I love taking baths with my lo, she loves to stretch out and kick on her bath and has a lo more fun than when she's in her bath seat. Have fun! xx
  • Definitely take a bath with your lo, we did a few times when he was small, now I don't think he'd appreciate sharing the space! Only thing i'd say is handy to have someone to help you get out, unless you can reach over to put lo on towel on floor, then get out yourself.
  • I would say it's fine! I used to bathe with lo often but usually with oh there too as like FF says it's easier/safer getting out etc.
    I also didn't used to add any sort of bath products to the water.

    Go for it, you will both enjoy it. xx
  • Thanks for the replies everyone! I think I'll give it a go - maybe even tonight!
  • Well we've had our bath and it was fab. He absolutely loved it and was kicking his little legs like mad!! Can't believe the difference it made! Thanks girls, think we'll be doing that on a regular basis. At least until he's a bit bigger and able to sit on his own!
  • Glad you both enjoyed it! We still have baths with Poppy and she's almost 2 now! She loves it and asks us to get in with her!
    Keep doing it -it's lovely!
  • Aww that's brill, glad you both enjoyed it!
    I loved sharing a bath with Kade, think I'm more upset he prefers the bath to himself now :lol:

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