help me please!!!!!!!!!!!

dh went and bought himself some cricket game for the xbox and he's been on it since 7pm how can i get him to turn it off, can't even seduce him seen as i'm on strike after he called me boring while we were in bed. Note to oh's if your trying to get lucky DO NOT tell your better half there boring


  • OMG!!! Go hit the fuse switch and have a pretend power cut!
  • Sneak and switch off the electricity and claim there is a power cut?!
  • great minds think alike you two, but then i'd lose the internet
  • lol Flirty Filly we must have posted at the same time
  • Walk past with a glass of water and "accidentally" spill it on the x box! Or just threaten to pour water on it, he might get off it without you having to damage your possessions that way lol xxx
  • yep he did, i think there's a few brain cells missing somewhere :lol:
  • Oh he called you boring in bed?! Did he mean rumpy pumpy or were you just in bed? Missed that bit
  • is it really bad to make him think he might get lucky go to bed and fall asleep??
  • nope he actually called me boring at rumpy pumpy, sorry but with pippa layed a ft away it's very hard to be in the mood
  • no way! Dare you girlsinleed! He deserves it if he called you boring!

    How boring is playing cricket on the xbox???!!!
  • is it really bad to fall asleep half way through???
  • nope I would tempt him and then roll over and go to sleep if he is gonna say things like that - esp as you say with a lo so close!
  • Very boring..

    When he gets off Xbox, hide his game up!!

    Pour water over his side of the bed!

  • defo fall asleep half way through next time and then in the morning you can say 'well who's the boring one now!' hehe

    I'm still trying to think of alternative ways to get him off xbox (just out of spite on your behalf)! create some drama in the kitchen that needs his attention and while he's gone to look, hide the xbox game or controller? hehe
  • Hope he got a thorough slapping for that!!! Then you could claim you were 'trying something interesting' :lol: :lol:

    My hubby would be out the door in the nuddy and locked out if he dared say that
  • PMSL GIL!! That is a stupid man comment. What does he expect when your baby is in the same room?! adventurous hot rumpy pumpy! I would be couldn't even think about any kind of interaction with a baby in the room

  • ladies i'm trying so hard not to laugh it's very hard, i think though i could strip naked and daance in front of him and at this mo he'd just move me out the way of the tv
  • I got it! it won't get him off xbox now but will get him back for that awful comment!

    Next time your in bed, stand over his face and say 'open wide' and pretend (please pretend!) like your gonna pee on him, and say 'is this spicy enough for ya?!'
  • Tomorrow when he ain't around make one of the connecting cable for xboz disappear!

    I do this to DH - But once he starts to look for it I can't hide my amusement and burst out laughing
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