Making breakfast with formula

Hello. I know you can keep a bottle for a couple of hours. So in which case, the bottle James is having now, I could save and use for his porridge. But I let him sleep, so if he sleeps past the two hours, what do I do? Yesterday morning I wasted a whole premade up bottle, to use about 9 spoons of milk! I premake bottles up, have no spare sterilised bottles. What do you do in this situation? Thanks. xx


  • morning! I don't really have a solution if you don't have any spare bottles. I would premake 2 seperate bottles for the morning one small one for the porridge and one to drink.

    I don't know if you can buy it there yet or if it's a Dutch thing but Emilie has porridge where the milk is already in the powder and we only have to add water which is super handy!

    Sorry maybe that's not much help! x x
  • Thanks for your reply. As far as I'm aware we don't have that porridge. It does say use water, but I'd prefer to use milk. I could use a carton of ready made formula, but that's still a waste. I could also make some milk up just from water and formula, but not in a sterile bottle. But not sure I'm happy with that. So wondered what others do. xx
  • If bubs is over 6 months sterlilty is not so much an issue anymore.

    Why don't you add the powder to the porridge, then add the right amount of water..say three scoops powder to your 3oz water into te bowl? That way you don't need a bottle at all x
  • That's a really good idea with putting the powder in the porridge Princess87!
  • You see that's why I use this website. At 6am when you have a question in you head, but no answer. You can put it out there, and get some help! That's a great idea. Thanks princess! xx
  • i only use the cereals with milk already in so you just add water, we use heinz or cow and gate, it was a pain making a bottle for cereal x
  • If I dont have a bottle ready to go I use whole milk, which is fine after 6 months. also have the yoghurt and fruit breakfast which you just add water to, or i tend to have some ella's kitchen brekkies in which he loves.

  • I use Hipp Organic, its got the millk in already too...tres handy!
  • Ok, stupid question...If it says skimmed milk powder in the ingredients, does that mean the milk is already in it? I presume that's like making your tea with powdered milk? xx
  • Haha mythical you'd be surprised at what I forget! Nice to know baby didn't kill all my brain cells image

    I still put formula milk in my cereal even though it says water...just to mak sure ds is getting enough formula...should I be doing that you think?

    The skimmed milk in it probably does give a milky taste but aren't they supposed to be on full fats?
    Confused much??? Haha x
  • Oh just checked my porridge, I use hipp organic and it's stating it has hipp organic follow on milk in I think in going to stop using milk in my porridge...if it were skimmed I'd still use forumla though x
  • It's obviously different, for different brands. Even more confusing then! Don't they realise some mummies still have baby brain, when it comes to some things?! If it said whole milk, then it might be different. Not sure why they'd use skimmed? All there extra things to think about! xx
  • Hey just seen this!!

    I do what you do mithical and use left over formula, but I also do this with cereals that contain milk already as makes it nice and creamy!!

    However, if LO has drunk all milk or whatever I just use whole milk, but pre 6months a used to run boiling water in one of those little tommee tippee weaning pots to quickly sterilise and made a couple of oz's up in that!!

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