Does anyone use a Cath Kidson changing bag?

Hi girls, hope you don't mind the gatecrash post again!

I would really like a Cath Kidson changing bag, but when I looked at them in the shop they don't seem that big. But I have seen loads of ladies using them, so they can't be that bad.

Does anyone use one? Would you recommend them???

Thanks, Saraxx

PS Here is the one I am fancying:


  • I use one. It's the spotty red one and I love it!! You are right, they're not huge, but I can comfortably take wipes, a few nappies, a bottle, muslins, and now that Evan is eating, whatever food and spoons he needs. I sometimes take a spare vest and top too, but generally, he's not that mucky. Hope that helps! Jx
  • Thanks ninileigh - I really like the spotty one too! Your description of what you can fit in it sounds ideal, just what I was wanting to carry in it. Do you use the changing mat that comes with it? Cos that seems to take up an awful lot of room!
  • Hi, I have one the same as the one you are looking at but a girls one. I can fit everything I need in it - to be honest the changing mat that comes with it takes up a lot of room so if I need to put a lot in it I take a smaller roll up mat instead. Its got plenty of compartments though and a zip pocket inside. I am happy with mine.
  • We do use the changing mat- its invaluable having a good quality one. But you can get those disposable ones if you need to create more room. I guess i'm lucky, Evan is such a good baby, i don't really need to carry everything but the kitchen sink around with me. If you do carry loads more than you need, the Cath Kidson might not be ideal. But it is great, and they are pretty!!
  • Excellent, thanks peony and ninileigh. I've seen some very nice little roll up change mats so I could always use one of those if the official one gets on my nerves, and use that one at home. They are just so gorgeous I really want one! xxSara
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