Jelly, can lo have it at 24wks ?

Hi, was doing my shopping today and bought some muller little stars fruit jellies. Hubby sees no reason why lo can't have one instead of a yoghurt after tea but I'm not sure. I've just not heard of it before.
I checked ingredients and no additives etc and no more sugar than a yoghurt but just wanted to check. He's 24wks and been weaning for 4wks. What do you think ? S x


  • in baby section they have jelly that u can buy but it says from 1 year so im not sure? does it say on the muller little stars what ages its from somewhere? i know they state age on the yougurts. sorry not much help ,maybe someone else will know or google it? x x
  • i googled it and while most say from 12 months as the organic ones say that some have given the little star ones from 6 months but not many have so i guess its up to you. i think its the texture and the fact it has quite a bit of sugar/sweetners in x x
  • I've been giving my daughter some along with her yougarts (she's nearly 7 month) and she's been fine. Its totally up to you hun but i can't see how it could harm him in anyway. I'm always experimenting with Grace just to see what she likes. Just check its not got too much salt or sugar.

    Good luck and enjoy the look of his face when you do it! lol. Grace's was a picture because she was expecting yougart. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Well I tried it as I read the ingredients and couldn't find anything in it that would do any harm. Also looked up on web and on other baby sites found mums that give it to their lo's. Anyway, it took a few spoons before he got the hang of it but liked it after a while. I think most of it spilled out onto his bib though as he was trying to chew it. Will try again in a few days maybe. Thanks. S x
  • ive given my lo jelly from 7 months. shes a real fussy eater and i struggle to get her to eat or drink milk im sure hv advised me to give jelly and cream/ i give mine jelly and icecream she loves it.
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