For those who missed yesterdays snow...

just so you dont feel left out!!


  • What a cool snowman!! All we got in sutton was frost image xxxxxxxxx
  • ohhhh i want a snowman not likely in southampton !!
  • Palmtree - is that Sutton in Yorkshire? somewhere near Skipton?

    only reason i ask is one of my school friends i've hooked up with on FB lives there!!

    on the other hand, if you are nowhere near, never mind!!
  • Its Sutton in Surrey........... xxx
  • kaiei! i love his mohican!!

    ours was also named.... Frosty! (yeah, soooo original!! i know!!)

    just had the boys home from school and they are off again tomorrow, as all schools in the area are closed in anticipation of more snow overnight (severe weather warnings!!!)

    i'll see if we can make a whole family of snowmen!
  • This is the attempt of Ollies 1st ever snowman at aged 7!!!

    And we have had a severe weather warning again - a load more snow over night! Think its just the excuse I need to stay in bed lol
  • Is Ollie off tomorrow, or do you still have to attempt to take him?

    3 kids, at home, all day, waiting my Wii delivery that should have come yesterday, but didnt cos of the weather, and i cant see it coming tomorrow either!! it btter not come on Friday, as i'll be in bed after working thu night!!
  • I jealous of those that have had snow!!!

    I'm in surrey - near gatwick airport - last time it snowed it missed us but I saw some just 15 minutes away.....

    Here's our snowman from February

  • I want snow! We live in Cambridgeshire and it rarely snows, although we did get some easter Sunday but it was gone by lunchtime, all we have at the moment is thick frost with the odd spot of black ice which I managed to skid the car (land rover discovery so should be good in those conditions ha ha) this morning. It was scary.
  • Aww what cool snowmen!! im jealous xxx
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